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by Kim on

I totally credit the Blitz videos with helping me pass the CPC exam the first time I took it. I received a 78% on the exam, and, after sitting for almost the entire 5 hours and 40 minutes, I am THRILLED with my results! It was a grueling exam, but because I followed Laureen's advice on the Blitz videos (bubbling and highlighting, making notes in my CPT book, using her suggestions for time management on the exam, etc.) I was able to move swiftly and confidently through the exam. I did have to randomly answer about 10 to 12 of the questions on the exam due to running out of time, but even there her advice came in handy... Don't leave any bubbles empty! Just get SOMETHING, ANYTHING filled in before the test is over! I would (and will) recommend CCO and the Blitz videos to anyone who wants an in-depth, but easy to understand, explanation of the CPT codes, E/M coding, exam strategies, etc. I will even go one step further in my recommendation of CCO and the Blitz videos... I didn't have the money to purchase the AAPC study guide or any of the practice exams before I took the CPC. I relied solely on my medical coding and billing education, Laureen's videos and instructions, and CCO's practice exam to prepare me for the CPC exam. While I wouldn't outright recommend to others that they NOT pay for the AAPC exam prep products, I WOULD say that, with proper coding education and CCO's awesome "stuff" (the Blitz videos, etc.), it is WITHOUT A DOUBT possible to pass the CPC exam with that alone. I'm proof. That's how good it is. Thank you CCO for everything! I'll keep coming back for more as I work to tweak my coding skills and add CEUs.

by Misty Ferguson on

I also used the COC course but it is not fully completed. Thank you CCO for preparing me! Love love love Chandra's style of teaching!!! Everyone else is great as well but I could follow her so easily. Thank you Lord!!

by Sarah on

I know that I passed last year but wanted to express my thanks for your videos. I would have learned more from your course than the one 1 signed up for locally. I have told many people aboutI loved the course and this helped me understand the full process of the test. The best was the small video on how to manage your time while at the testing center.

by Paula Farbolin on

I passed the CPC the first time around with a score of 88%! Thank you, Ladies!

by Christine on

Great tips!!! exactly what you need in a time constraint. Bubble and highlighting technique rocks. 🙂

by Melissa Orozco on

I LOVED the CPC blitz it helped me tremendously !

by Anna on

I would have not passed without the blitz its the absolute best thing I could of come across I wish I found your courses when I was first looking into the right cpc courses, but I am lucky I found the blitz before the test. Thank you so very much!!!

by Shelley Want on

Thank you for your blitz videos. They helped me to pass the exam on my first try!

by Paula on

Loved the videos! They really helped a lot. But marking my CPT book was the biggest help! The only problem I had at the exam was...I ran out of time! Answered "C" for the ones left. Thought for sure I failed, but I guess the ones I did answer were mostly correct. I will definitely go back and watch the videos again for the sections I was weak in. Thank You for this program!

by Jeanne on

So thankful I signed up for your blitz as I know for sure that it helped me in passing my CPC exam on the first try! It really helped me specifically to understand differences in the CPT codes by grouping them. Thank you!

by Toni R. Porche on

Thanks! DVD's and Practice Exams A+

by Rosanne Barnett on

Your exam prep was excellent. Preparing the manuals and committing to the practice exams was key to linking the content to the best answer. What I am most happy with-- was the opportunity this prep offered for learning--for bridging the gap between "not sure" and " I understand", specifically when navigating the manuals and utilizing the guidelines. Enrolling into the Blitz exam prep was paramount to me passing the CPC exam.  I will be taking more of your exam preps soon. Thank you and congratulations to me!!

by Stephanie Barr on

I was so discouraged when I failed my CPC exam 3 times. I felt like I was out of options. My friend told me her secrete to passing was the CPC Blitz, so I gave it a shot. I just passed my exam and I am so excited happy and relieved.Thank you sooooo much!

by Phyllis Pfingston on

I really want to say thank you to all of you! I went from a 50 to a 70 with this class!!!

by Angie on
Perfect tool you can ask for if you want to pass CPC exam on first attempt!

You will be confident and ready to tackle this beast CPC exam and will walk away victorious out of that testing center after 5 hours and 40 minutes.

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