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by Justin Bustamante on

Thank you so much to the CCO team for helping me pass the CPC exam with a 91% on my first try. The BHAT system is by far the best thing ever invented in medical coding.

by Kathy on

I am SOOO happy. Passed my first time with a 90%. Totally unbelievable. I took the AAPC course, their 3 practice tests, did the blitz, copied all the notes in the CPT book, got the AAPC study guide and took that practice test as well as the extra one on the blitz. I also purchased a book on amazon which was just the full 150 question test, ended up with 38 wrong on that. Thank you so much for your Blitz, without the notes and Laureen's explanations of things (card cath), I would probably be signing up again for the second try!!!!!! And I did this all while working full time, and part time and doing the course on line through AAPC since January. IT CAN BE DONE!!!

by Terrance Parmegiani on

Thanks for your help! I passed on my first try.

by Melanie Bleem on

There's a CPB Blitz? How did I not know this? Anyway, I passed with an 83%. I'm glad it's done! This is a big deal since I've worked in one specialty for 20 years. Chiropractic. I had to learn all the other stuff! I passed my CPC, my MCS-P (Becky Harrison) and my CPB all in 13 months. I'm one grateful woman!

by Dave Tidwell on

The Biltz was what helped me pass the exam.

by Denise on

I'm glad I purchased the information online, the only suggestion is that the practice tests Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz tests need to be updated with harder or more in detailed questions, that take longer to pick out the information to get to the answer. Passed the test on my first try.

by Joell Peters on

Thank you so much for creating the blitz! It was a huge help! My CPT book no longer looks like intimidating white pages. I feel comfortable going through it and I understand it A LOT better due to your technique. Thank you for helping me pass the CPC exam on my first try!! You guys rock!!

by Jennifer on

Thank you! Great course! My coding books are so organized and easy to use now thanks to you!

by Patricia on

I hadn't opened a book since I finished my course in early May. (Detours-family, vacations, life.) My exam was scheduled for July 23, 2016. With 2 weeks to go, I knew I needed to get in high gear. Detour again, no sleep, migraines, without relief (probably from stress), more lost days. I managed to get through the blitz . Thank God I did, because I truly believed it is the only reason I passed the CPC exam on my first try!! I marked my book, which I had bubbled and highlighted early on, and listened to segments while drifting off to sleep. Thank you CCO!!

by Lisa on

Coursework was great preparation for the CPC exam, and taking MTA at the same time was really helpful. Laureen has a very open and friendly style to her videos, and as a visual learner, that made the course fun and accessible. Alicia, Chandra and Darcy were also great presenters, and brought their different talents " into my home" via the videos and webinars - what a talented group! And thanks to my coach, JoAnne, for her answers to questions, check-ins, and support during the class and my pre-test freakout

by Rosemarie on

Thanks to all you guys. I passed the CPC . I had to guess at ten but passed with an 80%. I remembered some of the stories you tell and Alicia saying don't fall for some of the tricks for ICD especially about the difference between "with" and "and" for the coding guidelines.I knew I could not do thirty within an hour so when I got behind I would make the time up with the easier questions. I did completely skip the long ones. Thanks to Chandra, I went to the CMS site and a few others as well and that made that part of the exam easier. I also labeled where the anatomy pics were in the manuals. That helped as well.Laureen the bubbling really helps and so does labeling on the page what body part these codes pertain to because that helps when you are flipping through the pages like a nut.I graduated from my online course in december and have since relocated and had forgotten so much. Well, without going over the blitz, doing the practice exams and reading the coding guidelines a couple of times,I don't think it would have gone so well.Thanks again.

by Crystal Braddock on

I purchased the CPC Blitz after a failed attempt at the CPC test and increased my score significantly. Thanks for this very cost effective training that gave my education the support and bump it needed!

by Pamela Wolf on

Thanks for all your hints. I stuck to them and it worked!!!

by Carolyn Cassady on

Passed the CPC first try with an 88%! I have been using ICD-10 and passed my AAPC proficiency exam before starting this course. I now have a deeper understanding after the PBC course, especially of the more complex guidelines. The manual notes helped me with several CPC questions. I learned CPT and HCPCS, which I previously had minimal exposure to. The Bubble and Highlight technique and the manual notes were so helpful for the exam. I love that the content is presented in different formats - lectures, slides, Blitz Videos, textbook and workbook. The exam information, practice exams, and test taking strategies made me more confident. I have recommended CCO and will continue to!

by Jennifer Costello on
CCO = More Than A Wise Investment

My PBC Course coach, JoAnne Sheehan is wonderful in providing immediate feedback and encouragement after I have passed a chapter exam. Without her and all the members of the CCO team along with the supportive CCO student and social network community , I would not have made it this far. It gives me the motivation I need to keep going, even when the subject matter is complex.CCO is very generous with the freebies offered. It allows one to Perform some due diligence before making an investment in the many well-constructed programs CCO has to offer. They keep on top of industry trends and offer relevant material. When you "pull the trigger" and make that investment, you are pleasantly surprised to discover CCO offers so much more than promised.This is a top-notch organization run by compassionate individuals willing to help you succeed and continue to grow and thrive in your career.

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