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 143 reviews
by Hannah G., CPC! on CCO.US
Learned ICD-10 in 10 days...and passed on my first attempt!

Since I started my training before ICD-10 was implemented, I began my studies using ICD-9. Since my employer wanted me certified ASAP, I signed up for the CPC exam as soon as I completed the PBC course. I had 10 days to learn ICD-10 and prepare for the AAPC exam. With the help and support of my coach and others at CCO, I was able to pass--and on my first attempt! The ICD-10 BLITZ and one-on-one coach/student relationship made a world of a difference.Also, being employed full time, 6 months would not have been enough time for me to finish a course for CPC training. Having a full year to complete CCO's PBC course allowed me to get the training I needed, while being able to continue working full time (and still have a life)! I'm already signed up to take my next course through CCO. I would highly recommend using CCO for any coding training--there's no way I could have done it without them.

by Laura Egloff-Slater on CCO.US
super tips and suggestions in the BLITZ

I took my CPC on Saturday for the first time. Felt super ready after studying with the BLITZ. I left the test feeling confident that I have done really well. There are some super tips and suggestions in the BLITZ program. Helped A LOT! Well worth the $ and time. :) Thanks again CCO!

by Laura Egloff-Slater on CCO.US
CPC Blitz

I took my CPC on Saturday for the first time. Felt super ready after studying with the BLITZ. I left the test feeling confident that I have done really well. There are some super tips and suggestions in the BLITZ program. Helped A LOT! Well worth the $ and time. smile emoticon Thanks again CCO!Update: I passed, first try!

by Santor W. on CCO.US

After my first failed exam, I searched YouTube to see if I could get some kind of help on how to approach this next attempt as failure was not an option, and a video with Laureen popped! The Blitz is the best investment ever!!!!!! Thank you for answering my questions on the Q&A, you will never understand what this means to me!!! Alicia, Bob and everyone on staff, you are AWESOME!!!!

by Michelle Spoden on CCO.US
I passed the CPC exam!!!

I purchased the Blitz videos and online exams through AAPC and I just found out I passed the CPC exam Dec 18th!! So happy for the news!! I am a visual learner & your Blitz videos made everything I learned in my online Coding program come together and showed me how to take and pass the CPC exam with the bubbling and highlighting technique. Thank you for your videos and all you do, so grateful for you!!

by Cheryl Benasutti on CCO.US
Passed the CPC!!!

On 12/12/2015 I took the CPC exam for the first time and found out yesterday that I passed! I took a coding course at another school and had the knowledge, but it didn't all come together until after I watched the Blitz prep videos. Then the light bulb went on and everything I had learned to date suddenly made perfect sense. There is NO doubt in my mind that I wouldn't have passed the exam without those videos. The bubble/highlight technique was also invaluable. Thank you SO much for helping me become a CPC-A!

by Elaine H. on CCO.US
Passed first attempt!

Just got my score from last Saturday. 92%!!!!!! I can't believe it!!Thank you all so very much. I cannot speak highly enough of your program. Everything is spot-on.JoAnne, your help has gotten me through! Three cheers for my coach!! Thanks for everything!Laureen, I spoke on the phone with you almost exactly a year ago. That conversation was the spark to get me going on a path to change my career. Total turning point! Thanks for doing what you do!Alicia, thanks for being a cheerleader, and for your enthusiasm! A week or so ago you emailed "let us know when you pass!" WHEN not if! Love that!!

So awesome! Congratulations Elaine!!!

by Ellie Sebti on CCO.US
BEST investment that I have EVER made

Hi Laureen,My name is Ellie and I purchased your CPC Blitz video because I didn't pass my first time CPC exam.I think purchasing your video was the BEST investment that I have EVER made in my life.I had my re-take exam Saturday October 31 and I got my result today and I PASSED. Wooooo Hooooo *:) happyFor my first time exam I got all my E&M questions wrong and this time I got them all correct.(Thanks to you!!)Love the way that you explained and created the way to find E&M for exam.I want to thank you very much for all the clear, nice explanations and bubbling techniques which saved me a lot of time during my exam.You are the BEST and I appreciate all the time and effort that you put to create those videos.Thanks alot again and you are AWESOME!!Ellie

Thanks for the great review Ellie and congratulations on passing!!!

by Brittany Pendleton on CCO.US
I PASSED!!!!!! :)

Can you hear me screaming from the roof top??!! I passed my CPC certification on the very first try! I am so thankful for your Blitz videos and practice exams. I just found out today that I actually passed the test. I was so worried and anxious but I did it! The videos were such a huge help. I am a visual learner and so after taking the AAPC's online course I wasn't feeling super confident. The video's were exactly what I needed. When the proctor checked my books just before taking the exam she said "Oh! you know the bubbling and highlighting technique! You're going to do just fine!" I cant even stop smiling right now!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Love it Brittany! Congratulations!!!

by Denise L on CCO.US
webinar ICD-10 review

Alicia you're great. I love your analogies. It puts things into perspective,for me at least

by Lesley de Dios on CCO.US
ICD 10 Blitz Seminar

This was my first webinar as an attendee. I used to work for a company that provided seminars for BCBAs, so I know how much could go wrong during a webinar. This webinar with Alicia was flawless. I learned so much about ICD-10 and it definitely alleviated my anxieties about taking the proficiency assessment. Alicia was an excellent speaker and not one second did I think of the presentation as boring. I highly recommend the ICD 10 blitz to anyone looking for a quick, fun way of learning.

Thanks Lesley!

by Stacy Blodgett on CCO.US
Highly Recommend HCC Course!

Hello all! I recently took Alicia Scott's HCC online certification prep course and as of yesterday, I am now a CRC! Alicia's course was pivotal to my success on this exam and her enthusiasm for the subject matter made the course interesting and fun! Highly recommend for anyone getting into HCC coding.Thanks!Stacy Blodgett, CPC, CRC, MBA, MHA

Congratulations Stacy! Thanks for sharing your experience and good news.

by Lenora S on CCO.US
CRC Course

This is my second course with CCO. I recently sat for my CRC the exam and passed with 82%. I have no experience in risk adjustment and now have my CRC with assistance of the course. In this course, you'll get more in depth knowledge as it relates to MA risk adjustment with assistance from Alicia. I highly recommend you to sign up for this course vs AAPC's.Thanks again.

by Lisa Colbert on CCO.US
Passed the CPC exam

I passed my CPC exam on first try with 80%. I could not have done this without the Blitz videos and practice exams. The bubble and highlighting really assisted in my getting thru all 150 questions in the allotted time. My thanks to Laureen and the team as I could not have done it without you guys!!

Awesome news Lisa! Thanks for sharing your success. Good luck in your future endeavors!

by Judy Owen, CPC on CCO.US

I passed my CPC on my first try thanks to Alicia and Laureen of CCO. Not only were the videos and bubbling and highlighting invaluable, but everyone at CCO was very encouraging and helped give me the confidence to try! If you are considering sitting for the CPC exam, then CCO is definitely the place to learn what you need!

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