September 2016 CCO Graduates and CPC Exam Passers

September 2016 CCO Graduates and CPC Exam Passers

 “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.
If you can dream it, you can become it.

— William Arthur Ward

To our recent CCO graduates and 2016 COC, CRC and CPC Exam Passers, CONGRATULATIONS!!! It is true, the exam may not be easy, but what you have learnt all through the years, you make the best use of it. Today’s achievement tells your success story and we, the CCO family, congratulate you for your win. Don’t limit your knowledge and look outside to extend your talent. Today, you define the success with your hard work and dedication, honesty and courage. Believe in yourself and bring out your best quality to make your journey smoother. BIG THUMBS UP to:

  • Sarah Wood Rodriquez CPC 11/01/2015 Using CPC Blitz

  • Paula Farbolin CPC 08/31/2016 Using CPC Blitz

  • Anna Bulmash CPC 08/27/2016 Using CPC Blitz

  • Kim Reid CPC 08/31/2016 Using CPC Blitz

  • Melissa Orozco CPC 03/12/2016 Using CPC Blitz

  • Renee Davis CPC 09/14/2016 Using CPC Blitz

  • Catherine Adams CRC 09/10/2016 Using CRC Blitz

  • Misty Ferguson COC 09/10/2016 Using COC Blitz

  • Christine Ordonez CPC 08/26/2016 Using CPC Course (PBC)

  • Ella M Vandenlangenberg CPC 08/20/2016 Using CPC Course (PBC), Practice Exams

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