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by Melissa on

I not only passed but passed with Magna Cum Laude! On my first attempt! 😊 the BHAT system makes a world of difference not only does it help you recognize the differences between codes and makes it easy to spot quickly when your taking the exam. It really helps you get familiar with your book and the codes as your preparing it for the exam.

by Heidi Bowers on

I couldn't have passed without the Blitz and practice exams. Thank you! I will definitely come back to study for additional certifications.

by Verna on

Thank you so much. All though I have over 40 years in this industry starting out as a basic coder going to administrator,medical fraud investigator, trainer,auditor etc. in this business which I LOVE, I have been out of the game since 2007 due to certain disabilities. I have taken other courses but I have found that this course allowed me to go at my own pace has been the best. I had to stop this course a couple of times due to life but was determined to get this certification. The night before I took the test even though it was said not to study and I didn't, I just opened up Laureens how to take the test and I had forgotten about the skipping and marking tips and that was the last thing I took to bed with me and it WORKED like a charm. Especially since AAPC did not give me the proprer accommodations of a Large booklet . At one point since the font etc was so small I thought maybe I should leave and I just took a break and composed myself and wound up finishing over 30 minutes before time. I hit a groove and it was all just flowing. I did every BHAT™, Podio, course review of all chapters and found even more information to help me pass. I was in awe with the amount of information in these places and the practice test. I took the tips on how to pace my self that night with the time allotment given to me.I'm so pleased as I currently volunteer at a senior center for Dept. of Aging and other organizations doing Medicare counseling and advocacy. I find the billing, claims questions are so easy for me to explain to the clients. Looking forward to taking the Risk Management certification next, and getting some sort of part-time remote job to keep me sharp and on top of my craft. When I started in coding/billing there were not these certifications, but now there are and I want to stay on top of this GREAT industry.Again thank you for your time and Laureen for all of your guidance and suggestions to what courses I should take to do my business. Looking forward in a few months to tell you all just like with the CPC certification, that I have the CRC risk management certification and like the CPC I passed it the FIRST TIME!!!!!!!Thank You,Verna

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