Slideshare: August 2015 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

The August 2015 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar from Certification Coaching Org (CCO),, discussed a variety of topics of interest to outpatient and inpatient medical coders. Topics included NCCI Edits; NCCI – Commercial Insurance and Coding; 99211 CPT Code; New Baby Office Visits; Analyzing Financial Reports as a Practice Manager; HIV ICD 9 and ICD 10 Codes; and Back to Basics – Cardiology. Certification Coaching Org’s product offerings, the CCO Replay Club which allows members to review past monthly webinars and obtain CEUs, and Certification Coaching Org’s CEU offerings were also discussed. Attendees’ questions on various coding topics were answered. Educational topics were presented by Tammy Lucus, CIC, CPC, COC, CPC-I, CPMA; Jo-Anne Sheehan, CPC, CPC-I, CPPM; and Alicia Scott, CPC, CPC-I, CRC. The host for the webinar was Boyd Staszewski.

August 2015 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

1. Certification Coaching Q & A Webinar August 2015

2. This Month’s Q & A Webinar Agenda: 90-120 min II: Q&A from our Instructors ● Tammy: NCII Edits ● JoAnne: 99211 Codes ● JoAnne: New Baby Office Visits ● JoAnne: Analyzing Financial Reports as a PM ● JoAnne: NCII-Commercial Insurance & Coding ● Alicia: HIV ICD9 (and ICD10?) Codes ● Alicia: Integumentary ICD9 Skin issues ● Alicia: Back to Basics – Cardiology I: Introduction ● Why stay? ● Where is everyone from? ● Recent CCO Graduates/ You Too? ● Announcements and Course Updates IV: Your Questions in the Chat III: Close – @ 90 min-’ish’ ● Wrapup ● Drawing ● CEU Certificate Download Link Ask Along the way in the Questions box. NOTE: We can’t answer every question. If your question isn’t selected, post it on our forum where fellow coders can help:

3. Why Stay To The End? Giveaway! Free Drawing of Your Choice of 1 of the following: Blitz Video Package | 2 CEU Webinars | 1 Hour Session with Laureen or Alicia and… Your AAPC CEU link for 1.5 CEUs

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  • Barb Rogers 7/4/2015 Passed ICD-10 Assessment
  • Rosetta Dellatte 7/30/2015 Passed ICD-10 Assessment
  • Sylvia Wiegand 8/3/2015 Passed ICD-10 Assessment
  • Darlene Shelton 8/4/2015 Passed ICD-10 Assessment
  • Barbara Michelle Bess 8/4/2015 Completed PBC Course
  • Kartika Budiarta 8/4/2015 Passed CRC
  • Teresa Ragusa 7/25/2015 Passed CPC
  • Shaida Ehlert 8/14/2015 Passed CPC
  • Marylou Bofill 8/19/2015 Passed CPC
  • Bonnie Patterson 8/4/2015 Completed FBC Course
  • Chandra Stephenson 8/19/15 Passed CRC

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9. GUESS who’s speaking this year? Alicia Scott CPC, CPC-I, CRC Laureen Jandroep CPC, CPC-I, COC, CMSCS, CHCI, CPPM MODIFIERS Risk Adjustment/HCC

10. Medical Coding Auditing | Free Webinar | Tues Aug 25 8 PM EST

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14. CCO Helpdesk (You can search the knowledge base, create a ticket and check up on existing tickets)

15. ● Tammy: NCCI – Edits ● JoAnne: NCCI – Commercial Insurance & Coding ● JoAnne: 99211 Codes ● JoAnne: New Baby Office Visits ● JoAnne: Analyzing Financial Reports as a PM ● Alicia: HIV ICD9 (and ICD10?) Codes ● Alicia: Integumentary ICD9 Skin issues ● Alicia: Back to Basics – Cardiology Coding Q and A | August 2015 Alicia Scott CPC, CPC-I, CRC Jo-Anne Sheehan CPC, CPC-I, CPPM Tammy Lucus CIC, CPC, COC, CPC-I, CPMA

16. NCII – Edits Question: Can someone can clarify some confusion I have about when multiple surgeries are done on a PT but the codes the physician is using conflict with each other because of cci edits. How is the procedures billed if CCI edits say the CPTs cannot be billed together? ANSWER

17. Poll – What region of the country are you from? Poll

18. NCCI – Commercial Insurance & Coding Question: Can you speak to the relevance of NCCI to commercial insurance and coding encounters? ie, if the patient is not Medicare, do NCCI codes matter? ANSWER

19. New Baby Office Visits Question: How do I bill and get paid for new baby visits in the Family Practice? I have more denials than payments. ANSWER

20. Question: What actions do I take with a financial report as a Practice Manager? ANSWER Analyzing Financial Reports as a Practice Mgr

21. 99211 CPT Code Question: Can someone please discuss the 99211 CPT Code? ANSWER

22. Poll What coding credential do you WANT?

23. Poll What AAPC coding credential do you HAVE?

24. HIV ICD9 (and ICD10) Codes Question: On the HIV codes, when do you use the v code versus the 0 code? Would you code the patient as being active if they have a history of it? ANSWER

25. Integumentary ICD9 Skin issues Question: Can you please discuss ICD-9 coding for skin wounds, ulcers, abscesses, infections and cellulitis? I am looking to clarify the difference between wound and the other types of skin issues previously listed. ANSWER

26. “I have been attending your Q&A webinars for a year now and I absolutely love the teaching style of CCO. It was through your Blitz videos that I was able to pass the CPC exam with ease. I am very excited about this next step in my career and that I am able to do it through your company. Thank you for all that you have done.” Schuyler C., CPC So what are our Students saying about us? TESTIMONIAL from an ongoing student Share Your Own CCO Testimonial:

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34. Medical Coding Basics – Cardiology Question: I am having trouble putting it all together! Reading a question and figuring out what to do and cardio issues. Can you go over Cardio? ANSWER

35. Questions In The Chat ANSWERS Your Webinar Chat Team

36. Links Referenced in the Webinar Share your Testimonial: CCO bookstore: MAUD webinar:

37. Chat Q & A Webinar- Aug 2015

38. Documentation I have physician that just do NOT listen to the importance of documentation. I am looking to get certified in that to make them listen! That way I can put the fear of god in them to document correctly! :)

39. Proficiency Test? I have CPB and CPPM. Do I need to take the proficiency test?

40. ICD 10 Manual Do I need 2015 book for ICD 10 test or I can use 2013

41. CPC and COC Is CPC easier than COC?

42. Modifier 25 Our company we are with has “test edits” I have Always used modifier 25 when our patients have symptoms of UA. The E&M is usually abdominal pain etc then the UA shows UTI. I am told by them that modifier 25 is NO LONGER used or needed when reporting anything in the 80000’s cpt. I need your input/expertise!

43. Auditing Course Is 1 year experience with CPC, CCS enough to take the auditing course (2 years are recommended, but I am going to get some training on the job)?

44. 99304-99318 Where can I find examples of proper documentation for 99304-99318?

45. Studying Guidelines Outside of reading the guidelines in the manuals and highlighting them, what is the best way to study them? Talking about the ICD-9 and CPT manuals

46. Gangrene 785.4 What terms in the EMR would you look for to code the gangrene 785.4?

47. RHIT or CPC? Is it better to be a RHIT or a CPC?

48. Thanks For Being With Us!

Slideshare: August 2015 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

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