August 2016 CCO Graduates and CPC Exam Passers – Week 1

August 2016 CCO Graduates and CPC Exam Passers - Week 1

 All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” 

— Walt Disney

Congratulations to our new CCO graduates who are among the 2016 COC, CRC, CPB and CPC Exam Passers. Wohooooo!!! What a proud day. You did it! We just couldn’t be happier for you! You deserve the name what you earn with your talent; you deserve the joy, what you achieve from your hard work. I’m sure today will be only the first of many proud, successful moments for you. Don’t give up in your dreams, even not for a moment and go ahead always to climb the highs of success. All the best and huge congratulations, graduates. BIG THUMBS UP to:

  • Marquette Johnson Green CPC 07/16/2016 Using CPC Blitz

  • Dave Tidwell CPC 06/04/2016 Using CPC Blitz

  • Mary Yabut CPC 07/23/2016 Using CPC Course (PBC)

  • Susan Bonenfant CPC 07/23/2016 Using PBC Course, Practice Exams

  • Denise Hess CRC 08/01/2016 Using CRC Blitz, CPC Blitz, Practice Exams

  • Jeanette Springer COC 09/12/2015 Using COC Blitz

  • Terrance Parmegiani CPC 07/16/2016 Using CPC Blitz, Practice Exams

  • Denise Frazier CPC 07/29/2016 Using CPC Blitz, Practice Exams

  • Melanie Bleem CPB 08/06/2016 Using CPB Course, Practice Exams

  • Kathy Maloney CPC 08/10/2016 Using CPC Blitz, Practice Exams

  • Justin Bustamante CPC 08/06/2016 Using CPC Blitz, Practice Exams

  • Sharon Andersen CRC 08/06/2016 Using CRC Blitz

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6 thoughts on “August 2016 CCO Graduates and CPC Exam Passers – Week 1”

  1. This is my first visit to the CCO blog. I love it. So much knowledge in one place. My favorite day will be when my name is listed as a graduate with a certification in CPC!
    Let’s hope we see it next month after I take my first and hopefully the last exam!

  2. Congratulations to all the passers, you have nailed it! May you achieve what you have been dream before. And know your making it possible. Congratulations again guys!


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