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23 Dec, 2017

The New Medicare Card for 2018

 Coach Jo-Anne: Q: “Medicare has made some major changes in the new Medicare card in 2018. Let’s go over what you need to know.” A: Medicare has made some major changes in the new Medicare card in 2018. Let’s go over what you need to know. This is a brief

16 Nov, 2017

Value of Attending a Medical Coding or Billing Conference

Q: “Is there value to Attending a Coding and Billing Conference?” You bet you, there is. Alicia: There’s beautiful Barb that’s here tonight. Thank you, Barb, for taking those pictures of us together. As we go over to the answer sheet, the one picture is one of our CCO Club members,

17 Aug, 2016

CCO BHAT® System for Medical Coding Manuals

CCO BHAT® System with Barbara Chippini Boyd:  Hi everybody. This is Boyd here at along with our fellow medical coder, Barbara Chippini, CPC, CCS. Hello, Barbara. How are you today? Barbara: I am fine. Hello. How are you? Boyd: I’m excellent because I’m talking to you and we’re talking about the

10 May, 2016

Case Study: Did the CCO Blitz Videos Help You?

Boyd: We want to acknowledge first of all Karen. I don’t know if she would get any chance to check if she’s on the webinar here with us tonight, but thank you Karen. We basically asked all of our CCO VIP members what happened with the Blitz videos, did it actually

25 Apr, 2016

Cardiovascular System and Appendix L to codes 36200-36299

Q: [Cardiovascular System and Appendix L] “Can you cover Cardiovascular System (Relating Appendix L to codes 36200-36299)?” This next question I have is around the cardiovascular system. This is specific to CPT. The question I received was “Can you cover Cardiovascular System as it relates to Appendix L to codes 36200-36299?”