Laureen: (CCO Graduates, ICD 10 and CPC Exam Passers) – This slide is where we go over our congratulations. 

I think we have three of them, so I’ll do the first one and then maybe Chandra and Alicia can take a slide. So, completed the CPC Blitz, we had Tina Knospe, Karen Shewmaker, Yara Romain, They all completed their CPC Blitz. Then, completed the MTA Course is Ann Fisher. Completing their PBC Course as our Physician-Based Medical Coding Course, that was Hannah Gross and Kirk Neal, and then the remaining in my side all passed their CPC exam in the month of December or January – Kim Lecus, Victoria Germann, Dawn Shaw, Pauline Frazier, Wanda Pavlat, and Michelle Spoden. Congratulations! And while we’re reading this, if you know you didn’t make on the slide, go ahead and let us know in the chat. And who wants to do this one? Chandra? Alicia?

Chandra: I can do this one. Tara Goettel, Tina Knospe, Karen Shewmaker, Yara Romain, Hannah Gross, Kirk Neal all passed their CPC exams. Roxanne Weller, Marva Nitti, and Peg Wagner all passed their ICD-10 Assessment. Congratulations, guys!

CCO Graduates – ICD 10 and CPC Exam Passers January 2016 – Video

Laureen: Yes, very good.

Alicia: I like seeing those names repeated, huh!

Laureen: You go ahead and do this one, Alicia.

Alicia: We have the Blitz, looks like they’re a little out of order. We’ve got, Kim Lecus. For the CPC course, we have Roxanne Weller, Victoria Germann, Dawn Shaw. For the Blitz, Pauline Frazier, Wanda Pavlat, Michelle Spoden. Let see, for the CPC course, Tara Goettel. MTA Course, Kathleen Bachand. And completed the auditing course, CPMA, Jeanine Monagle and Marva Nitti, she did – Oh look! She did CPC Blitz…

Laureen: Everything.

Alicia: Yeah, everything.

Laureen: Very good, congratulations to everyone.

Alicia: They take the course and bam! Passed the exam, I like that. You make sure you let us know you passed your exam.

Boyd: And congratulations to everybody in the chat who just put in that they passed their ICD-10 Assessment as well.

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CCO Graduates – ICD 10 and CPC Exam Passers January 2016