CCO May 2015 Recent CCO Graduates – Video

Alicia: CCO Congratulations to Recent Graduates! Now, we get to go into a really fun part of the webinar and it’s where we recap the people that have recently passed or completed the course. So, first we’ve got, Helen Glinski and Lois Cole, they passed their CPC. Lori Carson – Look! She completed her ICD-10 course and she passed the ICD-10 assessment. We have Bonnie Taylor who passed her ICD-10 assessment. Michaelene passed the CCS – Yay for her! Connie Knight completed the HCC Course, congratulations. Cynthia Garcia – Look, she passed the CPC Blitz and the CPC. Kari Heath passed the CRC, that’s the one that is for the Risk Adjustment Course we have. Christy Dale passed the CPC.

CCO May 2015 Recent CCO Graduates – Video

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Got another page, guys. Sharon, you passed the ICD-10 assessment, yay! Jackie Leslie, she did the CPC Blitz and she passed the ICD-10 Assessment, look it was on the same day. Margaret Wagner passed her CPC. Kelly Link passed the CPC Blitz and her CPC, congratulations! John Crescenti – we don’t see very many men’s names, that’s always fun – passed the COC, which is the newcredential that replaced the CPC-H. And, Kathleen Emery, congratulations! Passed the CPC Blitz and passed the CPC. Here’s a little golf clap for all of you!

Laureen: Yay!

Alicia: Hooray!

Boyd: And if you did passed and we didn’t say your name as we go to the next slide you can certainly write it into our chat here. We see Barbara Anderson passed CPC on 5/16, and Hushbo Wright on CPC Exam on 3/29/2015. That’s cool, great, congratulations! And, Mark McDonald passed his CPC on 4/25, the day before Boyd’s birthday, so congratulations!

Alicia: I’m sure that’s very memorable for him now.

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