CCO May 2016 Q&A Webinar Intro | FREE Medical Coding Webinar

Laureen: I’m going to go to the first slide so you can see what we have on the agenda. We also are going to be simulcasting this on Facebook Live, if you want to check that out, you just go to It’s a good idea to like the page. In that way, you will be made aware when we do other Facebook Live events. We’ve been doing a lot of “Did You Know” segments that are about 15 minutes to about an hour long. A little extra topics, the recording stays up for a couple of days so it’s another great way to stay informed on things, so go to  and like the page.

Alicia: Maria likes your mug, Laureen, because I’m with you with that size mug.

Laureen: Yes. If you join our advocate club, you could earn this mug, CCO bling. My husband gave me a cup of coffee and it was in my Cape Cod mug. I said, “No, no, no. It’s got to be a CCO mug or an AAPC mug for webinar night.” He said, “Oh, excuse me.” [Laughs]

VIDEO: CCO May 2016 Q&A Webinar Intro | FREE Medical Coding Webinar
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This is what we’re going to be going over tonight. JoAnne is going to be talking about: Back to Basics Physician Billing – The Very First Step and How to Determine if OS Site is Primary or Secondary.

Chandra is going to be talking about: ER and Probable Diagnosis and Vaccine Administration.

Alicia is going to be talking about: Which credential is the best after CPC and the ICD-10 Impact on Risk Adjustment.

I’m going to be talking about Cardiac Cath clarification question that came in and PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention) CPT Coding. I guess I got cardio going on tonight.

Let’s get going here, that’s the URL for Facebook Live. And I see a bunch of 1s, so I think all systems are nominal, very good.

Basically, we’re going to try and spend about 90 minutes giving you content. We have a few polls sandwiched in between to keep you engaged with us. At the end we’re going to have a drawing and we’re going to give out the CEU information. You need to be present to win for the drawing. Then after we do the drawing, we will still stay another 30 minutes. You don’t have to stay but if you want to, that’s when we answer questions that you type in the chat. We get through as many as we can.

The questions are pre-answered. It’s like preparing a nice meal for you. We’ve been working hard all day preparing a nice meal for you. But we will answer questions at the end as well, but we’re going to go over the prepared questions first, so don’t think we’re ignoring you.

We do have other CCO team members, Sylvia, Ruth, Lori in the background helping answer questions in the chat. And we try too, as well, while the others are speaking, since we have four of us tonight that will be really good. But please, this happens every time, people are saying, “Are you seeing my question?” Yes, we’re seeing them all but we just can’t answer them all, so be patient.

With Go-To-Webinar, whenever you have a group that’s over 20, which we do, we have anywhere between 500-1000 each of these webinars, we can’t have chat where everyone can see it. We wish we could, but it’s not setup that way. So, bear with us, and when we answer question, we answer it publicly and that’s when you’ll see it scroll up in the chat area.

Why Stay To The End?

This is just our slide to remind you to stay to the end to get some goodies. We give away one of our Review Blitzes, which now we have many to choose from. We have CEU products that you could choose from or one-on-one consultation; so stay to the end for that.

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CCO May 2016 Q&A Webinar Intro | FREE Medical Coding Webinar

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  1. I am so thankful that for the post and webinars that are posted and given by your company. I can’t wait till I can afford to take a Course from you guys, but till then I’ll keep watching the videos and webinars.

  2. Every time I checked on the webinars/videos, it was loaded with information. I enjoyed how you guys presented it well.

    • Glad you are enjoying them Diane – we love doing them – it’s a lot of work pulling it all together but we view it like preparing a special meal once a month and everyone brings a dish :) –Laureen

  3. Your webinars and Facebook Live Events are always useful and informative. As a student looking to begin a career in coding, I am grateful to have such professional and knowledgeable resources. The CCO team is awesome!

  4. Love your Webinars! Thank you for sharing these! I am planning, God willing, to take my certification exam in early 2017, as I will have a full year experience in OP coding by that time, and that will give me the opportunity for some blitz courses. THANKS AGAIN!

  5. I love your we we presentations. Some things are a review. But I most generally I pick up something new. But it always helps to reduce in force that I am already coding properly. Thanks so much for your wealth of knowlege!


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