CCO QandA Medical Coding Webinar September 2015 Welcome

Laureen: This is our September Q&A Medical Coding Certification webinar. We do this every month, the second to the last Thursday. I missed it last month because I was on vacation so I’m glad to be back.

Boyd: And we’re glad to have you!

Laureen: Thank you!

Boyd:  This Month’s Q and A Webinar Agenda: 90-120 minutes

CCO QandA Medical Coding Webinar September 2015 Welcome – Video

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We’re going to go through an introduction. Why stay to the end? Where is everybody from? Recent CCO Graduates, announcements, and course updates here from CCO.

If this is your first time, we first of all thank you for coming. It’s a big deal for us to have you in our tribe, as we like to say. We’re about creating raving fans, so that’s what we’re about.

As we go into Section II here tonight, we’re going to be doing Q & A with the instructors. They’ve had an opportunity to take some of your questions before this webinar in our forums and on other webinars that we’ve done. Tonight, we’re going to hearing from

JoAnne who’s going to be talking about Radiology Coding. She’s also going to be talking about Back to Basics and CPC Coding and the Payment Policy around that.

Alicia is then going to take over four questions for us, going back to ICD-10 Code of Myocardial Infarction; Back to Basics with our friends over at Practicode and doing a Practicode Case; Lesions 10,000 Series and Wound Care. Laureen is going to finish this up with Apligraf Skin Graft.

Then, we’re going to close in about 90 minutes with a wrap-up and a drawing that we will talk about what that looks like here in a couple of minutes. You’ll also get 1.5 CEUs for attending tonight, and you’ll be able to download those at that particular point. After that, we’ll take your questions in the chat that you’ll have the opportunity to submit here as we go through the webinar if we don’t get a chance to answer them on the webinar. Of course, if your question isn’t selected, post it on our forum at and we’ll take care of you over there as well. There are a lot of people here and there’s a lot of questions, so please forgive us if we don’t answer questions right away. We do see them all, there’s a team behind the scenes, so just be patient, and we again love to have you here.

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