CCO Recent Graduates October 2014 – Video

Laureen:   This is a slide where we give a shout out to people who’ve let us know that they passed.

We have Stacey Otero who passed her CPMA (that’s the auditing credential) in September, Chaim Zeitz passed his CPC on September 19, Dorros Evans – her CPC on 9/24. So, put it in the chat if you recently passed so that we can recognize you. Rick – congratulations.

Alicia: I want to tell you real quick while they’re doing that, Chaim was often on our Thursday night student webinar; and so, I had to learn to say his name, that’s why I am. He was great, a real good participant in the Thursday night calls.

CCO Recent Graduates October 2014 – Video

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Laureen:   Yeah, the call that Alicia is referring to for our Physician Based Coding students or Blitz students and our practicum students, when we’re not doing this call she’s having a weekly student support call; so instead of like 500-plus people, it’s like 20 or less and it’s a very intimate group and what she’s telling is that statistically those that attend that are passing and doing very well.

Alicia: Yes.

Laureen: Mary-Ann – congratulations… It amazes me because when I get the AAPC magazine, I turn to where all the people have recently passed their CPC and how many people every month…

Alicia: I know!

Laureen: It’s just amazing how much need there is out there for this career, so we’re in the right line of work.

Alicia: Yes.

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