CCO Medical Coding Certification Graduates April 2015 -Video

Laureen: This is where we get to do our congratulations, and I think Alicia you’re going to start with the first slide?

Boyd: While we go through this, if you have recently got your own certification that is not on the list, please chat-type it in the chat so that we can capture that.

Alicia: And cue the music Laureen; Laureen’s got a special little feature for us as we do this; commencement music. Janet Pritchett, 3/12/2015, passed her CPC. Vicki Stull, 3/19/2015, passed her CPMA.

Have you guys noticed that it’s not just the CPC now? We’re seeing a lot of people that are taking the courses and different courses and passing. We have Rose Ann, (that’s a good name) Chronowski, 3/12/2015, passed her CPC. Kelly King, 3/7/2015, passed her CPC. Nancy Michl is one of my students and she passed the Blitz on 3/1/2015, then she turned around and took the CPC on 3/20/2015 and she’s already enrolled in other courses right now. Suja Vinodh, 3/25/2015, passed her CPC. Melissa Pereira, 3/1/2015, CPC Blitz. Melissa also passed her CPC exam on 3/28/2015. See how you passed the Blitz, turned around and take the exam right after it. Mary Kral passed the ICD-10 Assessment and the ICD-10 Mini course one right after the other on 3/30/2015. Fantastic Mary!

CCO Medical Coding Certification Graduates April 2015 – Video

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Got another page.

Laureen: Oh! I was just enjoying the music [laughs].

Alicia: We’ve got Ginger Walden on 2/28/2015. She passed her CPC. John Chester – we do have men, guys – 4/2/2015, passed his CPC. Nora Ford on 4/2/2015 also passed her CPC. Lori Woods, our very own Lori Woods, on 4/3/2015 passed the ICD-10 Assessment.

Myra Ruffino, 4/5/2015, passed the ICD-10 Assessment. Nanette Ong-Sotto, 3/28/2015, passed her CPC. Crystal Gallegos, 3/28/2015, passed her CPC. Maureen O’Toole, 4/1/2015, she passed the Blitz and the assessment. That was fantastic, just did it all on the same day. Siddhartha Roy, 4/15/2015, passed his ICD-10 assessment. Yey! I’m so excited to see the assessments.

Alicia Fredericks, 4/15/2015, she completed the PBB course, that’s the billing course that Dawn instructs.Linda Robinson, 4/18/2015, she did the CPC Blitz and then turned around and passed her CPC exam. Roseann Joule, 12/20/2015, CPC Blitz and passed her CPC exam. Alla Kogan, she comes to the Thursday night calls, 4/20/2015, ICD-10 Blitz and then she passed her ICD-10 assessment. Susie Gilstrap, who is another one that’s taking all kinds of courses with us, 3/26/2015, completed the ICD-10 course and is taking other courses with us. Rhonda Bertrand, 4/1/2015, she did the CPC Blitz and passed the CPC. Ilias Khidr, 4/6/2015, completed the PBC course.

Now, I know why Laureen wanted me to do this because I always make fun of the way she says things for being a northern girl and she just wanted to hear me try to say everybody’s names.

Boyd: There’s a whole bunch in the chat and I’m sorry they’re going by so fast, we can’t hit them all, but I will just grab a couple. We’ve got Deloise, we’ve got Anita, looks like ICD-10 assessment is being passed by Angela, ICD-10-CM course by Carolyn, Doris Evans passing ICD-10 assessment; so hats off to all you guys and good job going through the work.

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