Congratulations to CCO Recent Medical Coding Graduates – Video


This is the slide I like to do. It is the congratulations to everybody that has passed or completed the course recently. We’ve got Barb Rogers and Rosetta Dellatte, our own Sylvia Wiegand that you often talk to at the Helpdesk, and Darlene Shelton. They all passed the ICD-10 Assessment. Then, we have Barbara Michelle Bess, she completed the PBC course. Kartika Budiarta, Teresa

Ragusa, Shaida Ehlert, Marylou Bofill, they all passed the CPC except for Kartika. I see she actually passed the CRC, the credential that I got, the Certified Risk Adjustment Coder, and Chandra passed the CRC. Then, Bonnie Patterson completed the FBC Course.

Congratulations to CCO Recent Medical Coding Graduates – Video

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Now, don’t think that that’s the only people that have recently graduated. Those are the ones that have graduated our course and would like to have their name up. A lot of people don’t want their name put up, but we can do that if you request it. Very exciting, yehey! I think last month we had three pages of people.

Boyd:  Yeah, definitely as we’re going through this, put in your recent certification if you passed something. We’d love to share that with people, let everybody else know as well.

Alicia:  And as we get closer to the end of the year we’ll probably going to see more and more names because a lot of people will be testing.

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