Congratulations 2015 CRC & CPC Exam Passers

cco graduates 2015 - cpc exam passers

The future belongs to the beauty of their dreams. — Eleanor Roosevelt

The graduates from Certification Coaching Organization (CCO) took the CPC Exam last June 2015 – August 2015. Six (6) of our graduates are among the 2015 CPC Exam passers.

To our graduates, congratulations on your excellent exam results. Keep the same courage and confidence to face the new challenges of life. Always remember, the journey doesn’t start at the beginning, it begins at the end. BIG shoutout to:

  • Jennifer Haduck 6/27/2015 Passed CPC

  • Shannon Froning 7/11/2015 Passed CPC

  • Shelly Thurgood 7/17/2015 Passed CPC

  • Melissa Barnard 6/27/2015 Passed CPC

  • Kartika Budiarta 8/4/2015 Passed CRC RA-HCC

  • Teresa Ragusa 7/25/2015 Passed CPC

Also, one of our students just completed her Physician-Based Medical Coding Course (PBC) last August 4, 2015. Congratulations!

  • Barbara Michelle Bess 8/4/2015 Completed PBC Course

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  1. hello mam,
    I am passed the exam 6 july2018 .Mam your videos helped me alot .THANKS !.Mam how can i get my certificate ,what should i do?


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