April 2014 CPC Exam Graduates Passing the CPC Exam

Laureen: This slide is to give shout out to those who recently got their certification. We have Jill Zimmerman; she passed her CPC March 27th, congratulations! Rosetta Del passed on March 29th. Susan Honig, March 22nd. Mala Sharma got her CPC-H on April 2nd and Karen Buss on April 11. Congratulations to all of you.

I think a few people shared on the chat that they also passed. So, if anyone else out there has recently passed, let us know, we’ll give you a shoutout, too. We got Linda Townsend, you mentioned her.

Alicia: Carolyn Lentz passed the CPPM.

April 2014 CPC Exam Graduates Passing the CPC Exam – Video

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Laureen: Oh, great, very good.

Alicia: 4500, 3024 they put. I think that was a little mistake [laughs]

Laureen: Alright, very good. Congratulations everyone! That’s very exciting.

Alicia: Oh, that’s a lot.

Laureen: More coming in. Rupa said, “Thanks to the Blitz videos.” Good. I’m glad to hear that. Ryan Gosselin. Good. Sarah Gomez –

Alicia: Oh, a CCS exam, Debra Cook.

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