CPC Exam Graduates June 2015 CCO – Video

CPC Exam Graduates June

Alicia: This is where our recent graduates show up, people who have passed. We’re going to start with Connie Knight, who I happen to know is taking several courses with us. She passed the ICD-10 Assessment. We’ve got Marlease Wolfe passed the CPC. Johnnie

Rutledge passed the CCS. Samantha Robles-Salgado, she got her CHIMA Achievement Award. Vibha Dhariwal, she passed the CPC, and so did Rhonda Buehler and Linda Barbar. Fantastic!

CPC Exam Graduates June 2015 CCO – Video

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Next slide we got more! Renee Lien, Cindy Arnett, Lucretia Jordan, Virigina Clark, Barb Ashlie Schaechtel. Everybody else passed their CPC, and then me! I didn’t even know you put my name on there, but thank you very much, passed the CRC.

Laureen: Very good. Congratulations! And if anyone else in the chat wants to give us a shoutout, if you’ve passed recently, or passed your ICD-10 proficiency, go ahead and share with us.

Boyd: Clara, looks like she passed her CPC in May. Who else we got there? I know some are a little bit late. But please let us know and then we’ll announce it here in the chat, we’ll just let everybody know.

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