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2018 BHAT® Videos Status

It's that time of year again! Team members needed time off to spend with their families and lots of content to vet and update for a new year ahead. The BHAT® content is no exception.

As many know, we've had to totally change our method of sharing our annotations in our CPT manual with you in order to not violate copyright. Last year we tried an artist rendition of where to place then notes, bubbles etc. and that proved to be unsustainable and not as efficient as we had hoped.

This year we are trying something new and will be doing an "audio walk through" where I will be going back to basics in how I used to teach this method to my students I taught by phone. Prior to the call they would do the bubbles and highlighting of everything after the semi colon. Then during the call I would share my notes and any thing I emphasized. So that is how we are going to do it this year. The idea is you shouldn't need to look at the screen - just listen and follow along. We will have some typed notes for you to look at if you loose your place but they will be on screen only- not printable so it can't be shared with those that have not paid for it.

So if you are waiting for the 2018 BHAT® videos for CPT to come out please prep your manuals by bubbling and highlighting and get ready for the notes I will share on the audio walk throughs. And if you are really anxious you can use previous years versions of BHAT® to copy notes on codes that have not changed. That is how we do it year to year - it really is not that hard. 

And if you are unsure how to do basic bubbling and highlighting watch the video in the BHAT® cave content area.