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All costs for PBC Course

So you're thinking about the PBC course and want to know all the costs before you start right? Here's the breakdown:

  1. COURSE - $1679 PBC course includes all the bonuses listed on the site
  2. MANUALS - get the year version that matches the year you will be taking the exam. http://store.cco.us/
    1. $106 - Current Year ICD Manual -CCO Bookstore link
    2. $117 - Current Year CPT Manual - CCO Bookstore link
    3. $105 - Current Year HCPCS Manual - CCO Bookstore link
    1. $137 - The textbook and workbook for the coding course - CCO Bookstore link
    2. $104 2019 Carol Buck The Next Step https://store.cco.us/products/the-next-step-advanced-medical-coding-and-auditing-2019-2020-edition-1st-edition
    1. $170 for AAPC membership 
    2. $425 for CPC Exam fee 

NOTE: You will also get the ICD-10-CM Blitz Review as a bonus ($229 value). There is a textbook recommended for that and you can order it via this link if interested Understanding ICD-10-CM & ICD-10-PCS

  1. $1679 PBC Course itself - includes the bonuses listed on the site
  2. $465 Books - for PBC workbook/textbook and coding manuals.
  3. $170 for AAPC membership.
  4. $425 for CPC Exam fee.


If you choose the payment plan of $461 x 4 months, your costs may look like this:

Initial costs would be $926 for course and books, then 2nd month $631 for course payment and AAPC membership, then 3rd & 4th month $461 for course payment and 5th month $425 for exam fee.

If you have not had a medical terminology and anatomy course, we recommend that you enroll in that, as well as do it alongside your coding course.

  1. $523 - Medical Terminology Course
  2. $86 - Medical Terminology & Anatomy Textbook


If you would like to speak to an enrollment specialist, please call 866-611-9642

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