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Can I just use a review Blitz to prepare for an exam if I am credentialed

The Review Blitzes are not a substitute for a full course and using them exclusively as a tool for passing the AAPC without a prior full course will result in a failing score. The Review Blitzes are only meant to refine, review and refresh existing knowledge from a full course taken at CCO or somewhere else. It is not a full course nor do we advertise it as such anywhere.

"We understand you might be trying to save money, but there is quite a bit of wisdom in the old saying, " the poor man pays twice". In this case, you could find yourself paying twice or three times for an exam, and spending double or triple the amount of time trying to learn material initially on your own without success and then again when you realize you need an instructor's hand in teaching the knowledge in a proper step-by-step manner."