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CEUs for Q&A Webinar

Thank you for attending our free Monthly Q&A Webinar!

Important Change: Effective Jan 1st, 2019, Live CEUs for this event are no longer available or sold.

CEUs are only available to CCO Club Members in the Replay Area.


Not all webinars will have a CEU quiz including some monthly Q&A Webinars so please check before viewing any club Replay if you are wanting to earn CEUs.

If you're NOT a CCO Club member, you join by visiting the link below.


Next Step: Join us for the next Q&A webinar at https://www.cco.us/free-medical-coding-webinar.

How To Access Past Webinars
The CCO Club provides access to full text transcripts, answer sheets and videos clips of this webinar and past ones. 

All club Replays are located here in CCO Club in CCO Podio:

https://podio.com/ccous/cco-club/apps/club-replays#/views/32881519 (must be logged into your CCO Podio account to use any CCO Podio links).

All CEU Replays are located here in CCO Club in CCO Podio:


If you have any questions send them to https://www.cco.us/cco-helpdesk-request/ and one of us will get back to you right away.

P.S. Between now and the next webinar, be sure to post your questions here: https://www.cco.us/topic-request/

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