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How to obtain CEU certificate after free live Q&A Webinar

Thank you for attending the CCO Q & A Webinar!  

Question: "I missed the password"
Answer: The password is shared during the live webinar and kept up on the screen for 30 minutes afterward.  In addition it is sent to all attendees one hour after the event via GoToWebinar. Check your email including your spam/junk folder for an email from GoToWebinar or Citrix**

Other Webinar Information

Registering for, and attending the webinar is free.


To also obtain a CEU certificate there is an administrative fee of $10 for non-CCO Club members. There is no CEU fee for for CCO Club members

Starting November 1st, 2016, there is a new process flow for CEU Certificates issued with the Q&A Monthly Webinars. They are explained below...

Option 1: Become a CCO Club Member

Every Month’s Q & A webinar CEU certificate is FREE for current CCO Club members.

If you're a CCO Club member, you can download your CEU Certificate for free inside your private membership area.

Just login to your CCO Club https://podio.com/ccous/cco-club


Club customers can go to CCO Club area at https://podio.com/ccous/cco-club on Podio and Click the link to the ProProfs quiz in the Activity Stream. You will also need the password from the attendee email or from the live webinar. If they don't have it, they'll have to wait for the replay with the 15 question quiz. That takes about 1 week to post in the CCO Club.

After 24 hours, the Q & A Webinar CEU is no longer available to the general public & can only be accessed by CCO Club members in the Replay area of the CCO Club when it is processed in a few weeks time where you will have to take a short 15 question quiz if you have missed downloading the CEU within the 24 hour period as per AAPC CEU policy.


Option 2: Pay a Small One-Time Fee

Don’t want to become a CCO Club member? No problem!


One-time buyers of the $10 CEU Certificate can go to this page http://www.cco.us/ceu (only active for 24 hours after the webinar as per AAPC CEU policy) and click the link to buy and pass a short quiz.

Once done, the CEU certificate will be instantly available for download for 7 days. A "thank you" email with a link to the certificate will also be sent by Nanacast in case you need to return to that page to print the CEU certificate. Once you've downloaded the certificate to your computer, you can open it in Adobe Acrobat and print it.

In the event you don't see the immediate "thank you" page and don't receive the "thank you" email, you can login at http://members.cco.us within 7 days of purchase to download the CEU certificate as well. If you don't know your password, there is a "Forgot Password" feature on the login page to request it.

Please Note: You will need the password that was announced during the live webinar to claim your CEU Certificate. If you didn’t attend live you don’t qualify for this CEU certificate. Live attendees who need AAPC/CCO verification of CEU's or webinar attendance need to have attended via GTW to be verifiable to AAPC/CCO to be eligible to earn the CEU as we do not have any way to verify Facebook or YouTube or phone attendees at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience to you, so please attend via GTW if you want to be able to be verified of attending any live CCO CEU events.  Please note that the password is unique for each webinar and will only be announced during the live webinar. Plus, it will also be sent via email by GoToWebinar (1 hour after the webinar ends) to attendees only.

Steps to retrieve your CEU certificate:

Non-CCO Club members: 

Make sure you are using the Chrome browser as that is the only browser CCO supports:

Click the link to download Chrome web browser - https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/desktop/index.html


  1. Enter your name, email & password (given during the live webinar) & click Start

  2. Answer the question "Do you certify that you have earned this CEU Certificate in accordance with AAPC policy?"

  3. If you answered "Yes," you will be presented with the certificate on screen with your name and current date embedded.

  4. Underneath the certificate image, you can click the printer or download icon

  5. You will also receive an email

  6. If you don't see any of the fields as described above, please clear the cookies in your browser and start with a fresh browser session - or use a different browser altogether. CCO only supports Chrome

Due to requirements set by the AAPC, we can only make the CEU Certificate publicly available to webinar attendees for 24 hours after the webinar has ended. If you're seeing this page, it means those 24 hours have elapsed. Don't fret! You can still access the CEU Certificate in one of two ways.

After 24 hours, the Q & A Webinar CEU is no longer available to the general public & can only be accessed by CCO Club members.

You can join the CCO club for the current monthly rate (as of this writing it is $29.70 per month) and get all these club benefits -

  • Q&A Webinar Replays
  • Find A Code essentials
  • Support Call Replays
  • Facebook Event Replays
  • Continued Access to Past Purchases
  • Access to the BHAT™ Cave
  • Ask for Help
  • Share a Case
  • CEU Opportunities
  • Invites to Select Events
  • Invites to Select Calls
  • Discounts on CCO Courses
  • Topic Request Priority

and you can cancel any time with the click of a link in the membership area. If you're interested in that, here is the link to the info/subscription page  http://www.cco.us/club/


NOTE: to download a certificate so you will always have a hard copy for audit purposes or to save the CEU number for AAPC tracker please just right click on the certificate & choose save as or use the little download arrow button to download.

 IF you should encounter an error/issue claiming your CEU as per AAPC's 24 hour policy you will need to create a Helpdesk request/ticket only ( no phone calls for CEU support will be given! ) within the 24 hour time span & be verifiable of attending to be able to still be eligible to claim the CEU