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If you have a question about a test answer, after reading the rationale, please take a screenshot of the question, answer and rationale (e.g. using Snipping Tool which comes with Windows or use Jing (free download for Windows or Mac) and post it in the appropriate Podio workspace (How to post comments & ask questions in Podio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tMNE6v-45o) so that the CCO team can answer when they are able.  Please provide a  screenshot, along with the name of the test, and a description of your concern, so that CCO can resolve the issue or clarify the rationale if needed. 

"The purpose of the Practice Exams is to test your readiness for the real AAPC exam. As a courtesy, we provide rationale with each question to help explain the answers in case further study is needed. CCO support, however, is unable to provide customized, question-by-question responses and explanations for each question on the exam. If you require this type of personalized interaction with us, you will need to purchase one-on-one coaching with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) or purchase a full course with coaching included. As an alternative, you can also present these questions to your local school or course instructor for assistance in learning the core concepts."

One on one personal coaching: