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Troubleshooting – Can’t Watch Videos / Web Pages / Tech Issues / Not Streaming / No printing

Some common questions to answer in order to troubleshoot a connection problem you may be having with our website or webpages:

  • Are you connecting from home or work? CCO cannot assist with networks at your workplace because many workplaces block basic web services with their Firewalls. If you're only having the problem at work, you'll need to contact your company's IT department so they can assist and possibly unblock the websites we use to deliver content. Those website are: cco.us, drive.google.com, nanacast.com, vimeo.com, embedly.com, embed.ly, podio.com, proprofs.com, classmarker.com.
  • Are you using Google Chrome browser? It is the only browser CCO supports. Click HERE to download free Google Chrome If you are using Chrome, does another browser work?
  • Is Chrome in normal mode? If you're using Incognito/Private mode, you will have many, many problems accessing our materials and we will be unable to provide support for Incognito/Private mode.
  • Have you tried to clear your cache? Click HERE to view CCO Solution on Cache
  • Have you tried clearing your cookies?
  • Have you tried resetting Chrome settings to their default? Link: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3296214?hl=en
  • Are you blocking our cookies? You will need to allow cookies from: cco.us, drive.google.com, nanacast.com, vimeo.com, embedly.com, embed.ly, podio.com, proprofs.com, classmarker.com. Instructions are here: https://www.timeanddate.com/custom/cookieschrome.html 
  • Have you tried disabling Antivirus temporarily? Antivirus software can block websites from loading or displaying correctly in your browser.
  • Have you ever accessed CCO successfully from the computer you are getting this error from? If so, have you (or someone else your household) recently added new software to your computer that may be affecting connectivity to CCO?
  • Have you reset your internet router or modem? (unplug it for 5 seconds, then plug it back in)
  • Have you performed a speed check (http://www.speedtest.net/)? You will need at least 7 Mbps to view our videos without any pausing, blacking out or buffering issues. 
  • Have you tried on another device or computer to see if you could get through (which indicates the problem is isolated to your original computer)?
  • Do you meet the system requirements as outlined by CCO support - (CCO system requirements)?

If you're accessing our services from your home internet, then almost always, one of the steps above will resolve your issue.

Please try the following steps our IT recommends.

  1. Try a different browser. If it still doesn't work...
  2. Try disabling Anti-Virus or AntiMalware software. If it still doesn't work....
  3. Clear the cache and cookies of the computer. If it still doesn't work....
  4. Reboot the computer. If it still doesn't work....
  5. Try using a different computer or tablet. If it still doesn't work....
  6. Go to Starbucks or another new network. If it still doesn't work...
  7. You will need to pursue 3rd party technical help with your computer at your own expense.

One of these eventually have to work. If 1-5 is successful, there is something wrong with their computer. If 6 is successful, there is something wrong with their home network.

However, sometimes there are technical problems that we simply cannot replicate and appear to be isolated to your equipment. In these cases, you will need to have your local computer tech look at your issue since it is not possible for us to remotely troubleshoot your individual computer and/or connectivity issues.