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Where is the CPT BHAT® video from 2017?

A notice was put up in the BHAT® Cave. We were asked by the AMA to not show the print version of their CPT this way so we had to take them down. We are just as disappointed as you are but honestly people have been bubbling and highlighting their manuals without seeing every single page for years. Watch the video in the BHAT® Cave on how to bubble and highlight and do that to each section of CPT before you listen to the lecture. You can the copy the annotations from Blitz videos. 

Here is the message that is in the BHAT® Cave under "How to apply the BHAT® to your CPT Manual.in the "Bubbling & Highlighting™ Explained" episode.

We have been asked by the AMA to remove the videos of the CPT Print manual as it is not an "allowed use".  We are as disappointed as you are but the BHAT® method can still be done quite easily without seeing every single page of our manuals. As a matter of fact we have an alternative method that we feel will make it even easier to copy our annotations into your CPT manuals. We now have the silent videos for the BHAT® Cave available again - just a bit different - they are "an artist rendering"  Please see the BHAT® Cave for more information.

Applying BHAT® to your CPT manual takes about 20+ hours so plan accordingly. If using in conjunction with CPC Blitz videos as an example we recommend you apply the BHAT® to the section you are about to learn i.e.. Integumentary Blitz Review. Apply BHAT® to the integumentary system of your CPT manual then watch the corresponding segment on the review blitz. You can do the same thing with the ICD-10-CM Blitz - apply BHAT® to that section of ICD-10-CM including relative guideline pages then watch the corresponding segment in the ICD-10-CM Blitz.