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Yearly Updates to Courses/Products

All CCO courses/products/exams are vetted every year (starting in January) and are automatically updated to match any manual updates such as guideline or code changes for the current year. In order to receive any updates, your subscription must be current.

Updating only occurs should a guideline or code affect the way we teach coding or questions in quizzes & exams.

We do not update content because page numbers, covers or locations of Tables or Appendixes have changed. Most likely these changes will not affect the basics of learning how to code, study or prepare for the exam. In addition, students should be resourceful and comfortable enough to find the new location of such content in their books.

If some CCO content is labeled a previous year it is because CCO considers some content to be "Evergreen". This means that the core content or "lesson" behind it did not change & is still current & usable for current content purposes in our courses/products. So please do not be alarmed if you should see for example a video labeled with 2018 or 2019 as all our content is vetted each year for current content.

Some courses are vetted for 2020 but do not say 2020 or may still have older versions of exams or materials for students that enrolled in the previous year or still are working with previous years manuals. Or even a label may say V7 but that does not mean it is not current material. V7 does not necessarily mean year 2017 it just means that was the 7th version or update for that particular item/content.

If you do however happen to find something that was missed or still needs to be updated please let the HD know here:


CCO is continually updating courses to give students the best possible content so please be patient if your course is being updated.