February 2012 Webinar Replay

February 2012 Webinar Replay

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In this webinar Laureen answers YOUR questions. This included:

– Can we add lesions together when its in the same bubble like Repairs (simple, intermediate, and complex repairs)?
– A student asks: “My challeges are long cases. We only have 5 hrs 40 mins to take the exam. When the cases are very long i realize it takes me so long to read and find an answer. I’m really fast with short cases (6-10 sentences).”
-Please explain the difference between modifer 58 and 76 and when do you use them.”
-the NEC rule gets confusing…
-more tips on passing the CPC Exam.
-Work Related or Medical Disability Evaluation Services – what is the difference between 99455 and 99456?
-On the CPC exam what guidelines are used the 1995 or the 1997 guidelines?
-What code should I use for a consult done in the hospital? Admitted thru the emergency room and Dr A is the admitting doctor and he ask for Dr B to exam about a problem.

– and some more questions from the audience…

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