Laureen: On this slide, this is where we go over the congratulations that have come in to us over the past month or so. We have Harsha Patel who just passed their CPC; Janet Holt, CCS-P; Sandra Gregoire, completed her ICD-10 Mini course with us.You probably know her name Jo-Anne.

Jo-Anne: Yup!

February 2015 CCO Graduates – CPC Exam Graduates – Video

Laureen: Mary Kral completed her PBC, which is our Physician-Based Medical Coding Course in November and passed her CPC in December – yey! Charla Gonzales – completed her ICD-10 Full course on December 16; Nydia Robles – passed her CPC in December 6; Barb Rogers passed her CPC, January 31. Anyone out there who passed recently that we didn’t get on the slide? Go ahead and feel free to share in the question box and we’ll get some congratulations out to you.

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July 2014 Recent CPC Exam Graduates – Video


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