Free Partner Content and LecturesWe’re now including FREE Bonus Content and Video Lectures from one of our Partners inside the participating full CCO courses listed below.

So when you invest in a CCO Course listed below, you’re also getting the same content and lectures from our partner!

Plus, our Partner’s Bonus Content is available instantly inside our Member’s Area after purchase! There is no need to contact the partner for access!

Participating CCO Courses

  • PBC Course includes our Partner’s CPC® Content & Video Lectures
  • FBC Course includes our Partner’s COC® Content & Video Lectures
  • PBB Course includes our Partner’s CPB® Content & Video Lectures
  • RA Course includes our Partner’s CRC® Content & Video Lectures
  • PBMA Course includes our Partner’s CPMA® Content & Video Lectures
  • PPM Course includes our Partner’s CPPM® Content & Video Lectures
  • And our discounted Course Bundles include a variety of the above combinations as well.

Sorry, but Review Blitzes and other courses not listed above are not eligible.

So if you’re thinking about getting a new certification, investing with CCO is what my kids refer to as a “no-brainer“. Probably because in addition to our Partner’s Bonus Course content, you’ll also get 9 months of access to…

Many of our competitors only give students 3-6 months of access. That’s pretty short considering most courses take 3-4 months to complete and sometimes life gets in the way.

By the way, if you’re an existing student for one of the courses listed above, you already have access to the respective Bonus Course content inside our Members Area.

 P.S. Due to conflicting branding issues, our partner has asked us not to publish their name on this page.