13 Apr, 2021

Do You Have Free Medical Coding CEUS?

Do You Have Free Medical Coding CEUS? We now have 3 free CEUs inside the CCO Community!. You can join here. If you need a bunch at once, you can join the CCO Club. You must pass the quiz to earn your CEUs! AAPC requires that every on-demand CEU include a

12 Dec, 2020

Will the CRC® Help You in Other Medical Coding Areas?

Oh, this is Chandra’s. The wheel of risk adjustment – that's what I call it, not her. Coach Chandra: I like that. It makes me think of a pizza. Coach Alicia: Yeah! Coach Chandra: So the question we got here is, will the CRC® help you in other medical coding areas?

9 Nov, 2020

Do You Need to Be a CPC® Certified Coder Before CRC®?

Video Transcript (Starting at 24:40) And now for that big debate I was telling you about. I guess since I'm on the left, I should give my point of view first. Chandra could follow – Coach Chandra: You go first. Coach Alicia: Okay. She could follow up. I never was in

11 Oct, 2020

Does a CRC® Certification Result in A Higher Salary?

This is a question we get all the time. Why am I going to spend the money for a CRC® certification? Why am I going to get this extra credential? What good is it going to do me? Does the CRC® certification really make an impact in my salary? The graph

10 Sep, 2020

Unofficial Online CPC Exam FAQ

The AAPC is now offering Online CPC® Exam Testing with their partner, Examity. With this new 2020 announcement has come many questions, concerns, and experiences. We've been listening to our student feedback closely and we've put together this unofficial AAPC Online CPC® Exam FAQ so examinees can get some answers to

13 Aug, 2020

Coding 99215: A Surefire Way to Avoid Getting Down Coded

Medicare can pretty much do whatever they want and audit pretty much just about whatever they decide to do. They have been doing this CERT audits on 99215 and other high-level E/M codes. One year, it may be a 99214 with a 99233 or it may be the 99215. They kind

15 Jul, 2020

What Is The Correct Order For Sequencing Vaccine Codes?

Q: “What is the correct order for sequencing vaccine codes? Do you sequence the vaccine first and then the route of administration? What order should be followed? A: ​Regrettably, there isn’t a specific guideline that answers this question and there isn’t anything in the CPT Manual that tells you how to