January 2015 Coding Certification Recent Graduates – Video

Alicia: When our students pass their medical billing or medical coding certification exams – and mind you, we have courses for more than one, not just the CPC – as soon as they let us know that they passed, we like to put them on the slide and give them a shoutout in congratulations. We actually have three slides of this. The first slide is…

Laureen: As we’re going through the names, if you’ve passed and you’re not on the list, go ahead and put it in the chat and we’ll try to give you a shoutout, too.

Alicia: Yes. Because you worked really hard for this, you need more than just our little shoutout, don’t you?

We’ve got Venkata Kalidindi, the CPC on 12/6. Sylvia Wallgren – which I thought this was our Sylvia first because her name is almost just like that – she got the CPC-H on 12/11.

We’ve got Chris Corey, she did the CPC on 12/9. Sharon Wiertelak is 12/6, the CPC. Joyce Alexander, she passed the CPMA, the auditing course, 12/6. Tyling Batista passed also the CPMA auditing course on 12/15. Corliss Zella, the CPC on 12/11. I recognize these names and I feel so good.

January 2015 Coding Certification Recent Graduates – Video

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Laureen:   Lara Allen, got her CPC on 12/13. Mary Kral on 12/15. Paula Brewer on 12/18. Karie Jarvis-Slayton on 12/18. Patricia Pardue on 12/18. Michael Duntley on 12/18. April Edwards on 12/17 – two days after Christmas, really, they have an exam? And then, Hina Balapurwala 12/30.

Alicia: Wen Mitchell Oxendine passed the CPC on 11/22, Nydia Robles passed on 12/6 the CPC, Laura Brodt passed the CPC on 12/12, Jose O. Gonzalez passed the CPMA (which is auditing) on 12/23, Billie Taylor passed the CPC on 12/31, and Janet Holt   passed the CCS-P on 1/12/15 – that’s our very first 2015, one who passed I think. So, the billing course, very exciting.

Laureen: So, Theresa and a bunch of other folks are saying, “Congratulations, people!” We’ve got Sherry McCoy passed 12/3. Sharon Davis got her CEMC on 12/13 – congratulations Sharon! Gene Smith said, “Shoutout to Laureen, took your CPMA course this past fall and passed.” Yey! But that’s actually shoutout to Tammy since she is the key instructor there. Maria Guadalupe Martinez passed on 12/13 – congratulations! We’ve got CPC-H for Johnnie Rutledge. CPC-A for Janet Brown on 11/8 – congratulations!

So, let’s see… a bunch more, oh my! Lori Woods – congratulations Lori! I’m saying that because Lori is our true #1 groupie. She passed 12/6 – woo-hoo! I can’t believe we didn’t get you on the slide. Kimberly says, “Congratulations, everyone!” Catherine Farkas passed 12/6, Jamie Trun on 12/6. Someone passed her CCS, Rupa Lalai – congratulations! 12/19.

Alicia: I see lots of names in here that I recognize, which is a lot of fun. I see a lot of our active students in there, too.

Laureen: Crystal James says, “Congratulations to all!” So, if we missed your names, sorry. We just want to keep going on so we can stick to our promise of getting… but really, congratulations! We’re really proud of everyone. We do get really excited even though we see a lot of people passing every month, it’s still great because it’s really what we do, is what our business all about, is helping people pass; so congratulations again.

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