January 2016 CCO Graduates and Exam Passers – Week 1

January 2016 CCO Graduates and Exam Passers
“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” 
— Sydney J. Harris

Hats off to our new 2016 CCO graduates!!! Congratulations! You have come this far. There’s no stopping now. This is your moment, this is your year 2016! Remember, the road to your success in your career continues as you achieved a new milestone in education. May your graduation be the beginning of a future filled with success and happiness! We’re so proud of you… BIG CONGRATS to:

  • Marva Nitti   12/31/2015   Completed CPC Blitz, Practice Exams, CPC Course (PBC)

  • Yara Romain  01/04/2016  Completed CPC Blitz

  • Karen Shewmaker  01/01/2016  Completed CPC Blitz

  • Tina Knospe  01/01/2016  Completed CPC Blitz

Five (5) of our graduates are among the 2016 ICD-10 Proficiency Assessment and CPC Exam Passers. To our new CCO graduates who excelled on the exam, congratulations and we’re so proud of you!!! A lot of people would like to move mountains, but few of them are willing to practice on small hills. Congratulations on completing this first stage of your future career! Remember, sweet success are always at the end of every sacrifices. BIG THUMBS UP to:

  • Marva Nitti 12/31/2015 Passed ICD-10 Proficiency

  • Yara Romain 01/04/2016 Passed CPC Exam

  • Kirk Neal 01/04/2016 Passed CPC Exam

  • Karen Shewmaker 01/01/2016 Passed CPC Exam

  • Tina Knospe 01/01/2016 Passed CPC Exam

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