July 2014 Recent CPC Exam Graduates – Video

Alicia: Every webinar, we like to go back and say a little shoutout to everybody that has notified us that they’ve recently passed one of their certification exams. We’ve got Paula Hanson; she passed her CPC in July. Heather Brockett, she also passed her CPC in July. We’ve got Dawn Francis who passed her CPC the beginning of August – yey, Dawn!

July 2014 Recent CPC Exam Graduates – Video

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Joelle Booth passed her CPC this August 15. I believe it was 8/16, but Ryan Gosselin, who is our guest tonight, passed his CPMA. I’m not sure when Ryan passed his CPC. It was, I think the beginning of the year, but when we talk to him he’ll let us know if it was 2013 or 2014.

I also have a little note for myself to give a special shoutout to Lisa’s local chapter members that are with us tonight from Cookeville, Tennessee. Hi! What did they use to say on the “Hee Haw”?   Hi, y’all! Or something like that? Hello everybody from local chapter Cookeville, Tennessee AAPC members. We’re glad you’re with us.

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