June 2016 CCO Graduates and Exam Passers Week 4
To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” 

— Anatole France

Congratulations to our newest CCO graduates and CPC exam passers!!! Hardworking students like you always perform successsfully with flying colors. You did a great job this time and you made yourself, your family and us here at CCO proud. You’ve come so far. You’ve worked so hard. Your graduation is a new and open door. So here’s to your success and to your bright future ahead. Congratulations graduate! BIG CONGRATS to:

  • Lisa Auerbach   –   05/28/2016   –   Completed CPC Blitz

  • Tekeya M.   –   05/28/2016   –   Completed CPC Blitz

  • Andrea Marshall   –   06/07/2016   –   Completed CPC Blitz

  • Sheree LaShelle   –   06/04/2016   –   Completed CPC Blitz

  • Frances Woodard   –   06/11/2016   –   Completed CPC Blitz

  • Celeste Currier   –   06/04/2016   –   Completed CPC Blitz

  • Michelle Taylor   –   05/21/2016   –   Completed CPC Blitz

  • Jeanie Strom-Raffauf   –   06/04/2016   –   Completed CPC Blitz, Practice Exams

  • Brenda L Coreano Burgos   –   06/04/2016   –   Completed CPC Blitz, Practice Exams

  • Christina Miller    –   05/21/2016   –    Completed CPC Blitz, Practice Exams

June 2016 CCO Graduates and Exam Passers Week 4

Ten (10) of our CCO graduates are among the 2016 CPC Exam passers! Yahooooo!!! Congratuations graduates, you aced your exams. We're really glad to hear about your results. You did so well and surprised everyone. You continued your winning streak as usual. Continue to go forward with your educational journey. It will be a long journey but we know you will make it to the very end successfully. Remember, everything is possible when you believe in yourself. Wishing you all the best that life has to offer! BIG THUMBS UP to: 

  • Brenda L Coreano Burgos   –   06/04/2016   –   Passed CPC Exam

  • Lisa Auerbach   –   05/28/2016   –   Passed CPC Exam

  • Tekeya M.   –   05/28/2016    –   Passed CPC Exam

  • Christina Miller   –   05/21/2016   –   Passed CPC Exam

  • Andrea Marshall   –   06/07/2016   –   Passed CPC Exam

  • Sheree LaShelle   –   06/04/2016   –   Passed CPC Exam

  • Frances Woodard   –   06/11/2016   –   Passed CPC Exam

  • Celeste Currier   –   06/04/2016   –   Passed CPC Exam

  • Michelle Taylor   –   05/21/2016   –   Passed CPC Exam

  • Jeanie Strom-Raffauf    – 06/04/2016   – Passed CPC Exam

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