Medical Coder Profile: Ryan Gosselin CPC, CPMA – Video

OK! Our special guest. Ryan, are you there?

Ryan:   I am here. Can you hear me?

Alicia:   There is Ryan. Yes, I can. If his picture looks familiar that’s because if you’ve been on our website and on the main page it has scrolls of maybe free things that we offer, but Ryan is one of the case studies that is in that area on our homepage, and so you may have seen his picture scrolling on the webpage. Ryan, when did you pass your CPC?

Ryan:   It was actually April of this year.

Alicia:   April of this year. OK, good. And you know what, Ryan, this is the first time that I think you’ve probably been on – you‘ve been at our webinars, but this is the first time you’ve ever got to speak on one of the webinars, right?

Ryan:   Correct.

Alicia:   So, he was just a little bit nervous. You know, Ryan, I am going to go over here and find my questions that I sent to him ahead of time so that I don’t make him nervous and ask him something bizarre, because if I let my brain just go, I could come up with something really crazy and put you on the spot. As if Boyd hasn’t done that already by asking each to come up with a code.

Let’s see, we know Ryan is in Florida, so he’s probably melting right now. Ryan, we’ve got a lot of people that know about CCO from Florida in the East Coast, how did you find out about us?

Ryan:   Well, actually it started in February of this year. I had already previously purchased the whole medical coding course from AAPC from their website and I had made it all the way through to half – well, chapter 10, the cardiology section.

Alicia:   Yes.

Medical Coder Profile Ryan Gosselin – Video

YouTube video

Ryan:   And I started struggling and actually was at the point where I threw my hands up in the air and was just about to give up, and I started doing searches on YouTube for videos maybe somebody could help me figure out how to do this, basically caths in general, they were just hard for me.

Alicia:   Yeah.

Ryan:   And I came across the video that Laureen had on there and that led me to the website.

So, I started off and I purchased at first the Blitz videos

Alicia:   Right

Ryan:   And after I watched a couple of those videos – I mean, I was just taken in and I decided,

OK, I’m just going to purchase the whole course, start from the beginning. I just wasn’t learning enough the other way and this was perfect. So, I did that and I went and took my test and I passed it. I had an hour to spare at the end, and it was awesome.

Alicia:   That’s pretty good. That is not common to have an hour at the end by the way, kudos to you. Let’s see… so you’ve taken the CPC course and then you decided to take the auditing when we first opened it up. You took advantage of the discount, I guess, and signed up for that?

Ryan:   Definitely. That kind of happened because after I had gotten my CPC certification, I was

working towards getting a job – basically a position had opened up. So as long I got my certification, I could apply for that job; so I did and I became a reimbursement specialist. Well, the job itself is, there is a lot of coding in it, but it’s more so auditing. I’m constantly working on the back end of things, so when things come back I had to review the records to make sure they were coded correctly. And I thought, you know what, this is like the perfect opportunity because this is what I do and I think it looked great on my resume.

Alicia:   [Laughs] You know what? That is something that a lot of people don’t think about. I always consider that. It’s like, let’s look on my resume. I like my job but five years from now, what’s it going to look like?

Ryan:   [Indiscernible]

Alicia:   Now, is there any other of the medical coding courses that you’re interested in, or are you going to let this one hold you for a while? You’re going to become an alphabet soup member?

Ryan:   Alphabet soup member. I’m actually planning taking already my E/M certification – you know, the specialty, the CEMC, I’m going to do that in October.

Alicia:   Oh, good.

Ryan:   After talking to you a little more, I decided that I’m going to do the CPC offer, the compliance officer. I want to take that by December, but I’m not done yet.

Alicia:   Good. Yeah!

Ryan:   Well, you’ve inspired me because you were my first instructor too. So I’m actually down the road hoping to get my CPC-I and to be able to teach other people.

Alicia:   You know, the thing about the CPC-I which is very advantageous to pick up as well, but you have to have five years in before. So if anybody is considering that, it’s a fantastic opportunity. Some of these people, like Ryan, who get that coding bug that you know you just fall in love with that career, it is something that you can maintain and do for a long, long time. There are opportunities for auditors, there are opportunities for instructors. And real quick, the E/M coding credential that Ryan was talking about, I know that the hospital, from the town that I grew up, the head of the coding department said that the hospital was requiring all of their coders to get that certification for inpatient, which they were doing inpatient and outpatient but they were going to make them get that. And I thought, “Oh, that’s really kind of interesting.” So, anyway, it’s a good credential to have.

Well, I am glad Ryan is here to visit with us and hopefully he can stay till the end, and maybe if you have a question or two for him, he can help answer them. I’m sure my voice will be very scratchy by the end of this presentation.

Ryan:   I’ll be here.

Alicia:   Thanks Ryan.

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