Laureen: This is our fun slide, we have so many that we had two slides this time, of people who have recently passed. I did tell Alicia, I said, “I’m going to need some help pronouncing some of these names.” I apologize if I butcher your name; it happens to me all the time with my last name Jandroep.

Kartika, congratulations! She’s one of our – I think she’s taken every course we have.

Alicia:   Yeah, just about


Laureen: The second person, how do you say their name, do you know?

Alicia:   Juffelia Ibarra.

Medical Coding Certification Graduates – Nov 2014 – Video

Laureen: Oh, that’s actually pretty. She passed her CPC; Kartika was her CPC-H. Nisha – her CPC, Howard – CPC, Michelle Evans- CPC – thank you Michelle, nice easy name – Ruben passed his CPC. A lot of people have taken that in November. Schuyler passed their CPC -November 13th, Carol – November 14th, Pam got her CPC on November 19th, Duang on November 19th – congratulations! Duang sent the most awesome, awesome, nice thank you testimonial. Marcia Hayes passed November 19th and Darlene Turner passed November 18th. Congratulations! Anybody else out there?

Boyd:   We’ve got a lot here, Laura Strange on 9/13.

Laureen: Congratulations, Laura!

Boyd:   We’ve also got Jeanne Pajak

Alicia:   Barbara Level –Barbara Level was one of my students and comes to the Thursday night meeting that we have.

Laureen: Support call?

Alicia:   Yeah, support call, and she’s also in St. Louis so I got to meet her face-to-face, one-on- one at our St. Louis regional conference. It was a lot of fun to get to meet her; we’re going to find a way to do lunch.

Boyd:   We’ve got Deborah Patrick on 11/18, Angela on 9/19 – that’s my favorite number – Melanie Sparks, CPC on 10/18, Franz Dinar Osida recently as well, Shavani Parikh also on 11/20, Janet Brown, Sandy Hoffart . Wow! Awesome! They keep coming!

Alicia:   It’s great.

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