Congratulations Medical Coding Certification Graduates — Video

All right, this is a fun slide, too. This is the congratulations slide to all those that we’ve heard of and there’s probably some more out there. So, if anyone else has recently gotten their medical coding certification, give a shout out in one of the chat rooms. So we have Laurie Hardin, congratulations; Carmen Lassiter, congratulations; Amarjit Singh and his wife, congratulations; Deborah Riddle, yay Deborah! And, Kimberly Kerr, Diann DeAngelis, and Denise Hattub. Denise emailed me today, she just found out while she’s at work. She was so, so excited and was hysterical, and she emailed, I think, a list of twenty people. And was, “I want to thank the academy”, it was so cute. So, hopefully we will get Denise on maybe next month to be our guest. So let’s see, anyone else?

Medical Coding Certification Graduates – Video

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Alicia: And Deborah Riddle, you might do a shout out about her. She was our very first student, and she took her time. She ended up going to Italy and doing some other things, but she finally tested and passed; and she’s working, I think, she’s at radiology coding, so exciting!

Laureen: Yes, I’m so proud of you Deborah, congratulations!

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