Medical Coding Classes Online Part 2

Medical Coding Classes Online Part 2: Continued:

Let’s get to work ! So what does the actual course work look like when you want to learn medical coding online classes?

Listen in and watch as Laureen Jandroep gives you a view inside the actual course work at the Evolve site.

Medical Coding Classes Online Part 2 – VIDEO

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“So now let’s look at the rest of the course which is on the Evolve site.”

You can’t get onto the Evolve site until you get your textbook and workbook because in it is going to be an access code: don’t lose that- I think it’s on a yellow sheet of paper and that will will get you into the corresponding site and Evolve.

The Evolve site is integrated with your textbook and workbook package. We like it because it’s got a phenomenal grade book and assignments and test giving software. So it definitely makes our experience as instructors and your experience as a student much more satisfying.

Now this is the the Evolve course site….

This is going to be your home page and you will always log in here first. You’ll see the logos so you know you’re in the right spot.

And this is where it will give you your grade as you continue to take tests and complete homework assignments and quizzes. You’ll see your your average grade here.

And whats kind of neat is that it shows you how you compare to that to the class

Get more info on the course here:

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