Medical Coding Course Graduates | CCO Recent Graduates – Video

Alicia: We want to give a shoutout to several people that recently passed certifications. These are students or customers of ours. Cynthia Miller passed her CCS on 8/27. Jean May passed the CPC 8/23. Kartika – I am sorry, but I am not going to be able to say your name, I could never say your last name correctly, it’s Budiarta? Passed her CPC 8/26. You know we are on a first name basis with our students more or less, so she’s Kartika to me.

Janna Vice passed CPC on 8/28, Heidi Hartman passed the CPC on 9/12, Laura Strange passed the CPC on 9/17. We’ve got Diane Newell-Healey passed the CPMA on 9/6/14 and Michelle West passed the CPMA on 9/13. Kind of cool about these last two, Diane and Michelle that CPMA, they just recently finished it and passed. It was just completed. Tammy is the instructor for that and did the recordings. It’s really neat to see them passing already.

Medical Coding Course Graduates | CCO Recent Graduates – Video

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Boyd:  In the chat, we’ve got Debra Cook who passed her CCS on 3/03. Ella Taylor passed her CPC on 8/9, so that’s great. Congratulations Debra and Ella. Anybody else out there, put them in now, we’d love to hear. Katrina passed on 7/19 it looks like, yeah.

Alicia: We like you shoutout.

Boyd: Laurie Sherman on 9/6, that’s great; and Dawn on 7/18, Haley it looks like 9/6. Deanne Harris on 9/5, Fernandra Benton on 9/13, Denise Johnson on 8/22, Laurie Hines on 8/9, Pauli Park 7/25. This is record, so I don’t want to leave anybody out, but I’m going to count it down in 10 seconds here, so get them in now. Mitt 7/18, that’s great. Congrats to all! Very proud of your accomplishment, be very proud, it’s a lot of work I know.

Alicia: I had a supervisor that used to say golf clap, so there’s your golf clap all you guys. Great job!

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