Medical Coding Graduates – CCO September 2015 – Video

This is our slides, we have so many, where we like to give a shout-out to those who have passed any credentials, finished their medical coding courses. We’ll go through these names real quick, and if you’ve recently graduated and you’re not on the list, please put it in the chat so we can recognize you too. I think Alicia normally likes to read this often.

Medical Coding Graduates – CCO September 2015 – Video

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Alicia:  I do like to. Melody Mason passed the COC. Then we have Cindi Duran, Angela Kline, Kendra Johnson, Marcia Hayes, Katherine Jade Martinez, Elizabeth Otto, and Anna Burnham, they all passed their ICD-10 Assessment. Yay! For being ahead! Anna also completed the FBC course. We have Carol Swedensky and Madea DeHaven, they both completed the PBC + MTA combo courses. Sarah Lindahl, she completed the Physician Based medical coding course.

Laureen:  Alright, very good, congratulations to everybody!

Alicia:   Yay! A little golf clap.

Boyd:  We have a whole bunch of people who passed their ICD-10 Assessment here just recently. Shavna, Charles, Florence, Helen, Janet, Annette. If you guys, as you gain more credentials and successes, please give a shout-out to the Helpdesk. We’re doing a nice blog post now every week and people like to see other’s success, so please share that and we can share in it with you.

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