Medical Coding Webinar March 2013 Replay — VIDEO

March 2013 Q and A medical coding certification webinar! Excerpt Below…

Listen on as  Laureen Jandroep (CPC, CPC-I, CMSCS, CHCI) and Alicia Scott (CPC, Instructor) answer all you medical coding questions.

Medical Coding Webinar Video Excerpt

YouTube video

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In the full March 2013 Q and A Medical Coding Webinar:

1- Student Case Study- Brenda Moonyham
2- CPC-H Course Opening
3- Coding Manual Comparison
4- Code 33975 vs 33975-33404
5- Drug Abuse vs. Drug Dependence
6- EKG Reimbursement
7- Modifier for Assistant-RNFA surgery
8- Otitis Media Acute vs Allergic
9- Medicare G0008 vs CPT

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Past Topics Include

Do We Need A CPC to Get A Job?
Where Do I Take the CPC Exam?
Blitz 2011 vs 2012 changes
CPC® Test 2012: what updates and suggestions to pass the test?
How Do I Find a Code with Multiple Procedures?
More E/M questions
Confusiton with Consult Codes when Dealing with Medicare/Medicare Advantage Patients
Excision-Benign Lesions
MOHs micrographic surgery codes (17311-17315)
When coding 17000, 17003, and 17004, do you put the number of lesions removed (units) or do you list each lesion speparately with the 59 modifier
Determining the Level of MDM
ICD 9- Shaken Baby Question
Organic vs. Non-organic
Freezing on the CPC Board Exam Path and Lab section: Panels
Path and Lab: Reproductive Medicine
CPT- EM: Nursing Facility Services
Tabbing Your manuals
ICD: Working Diagnosis
Coding for Vaccines
OB Question on a Practice Exam
When to Use Modifiers and Level II HCPCS
Review of Neoplasm Coding from the ICD 9 Manual
The Proper Way to Code for Drug Infusion for Patients with a Breast Cancer Diagnosis
What You Should Know About Coding Preventative Medicine
Review of Prolonged Services Coding
The Mystery Behind E Codes
Should You Code Total or Partial for a Thyroid Lobectomy Surgery
What is HCC Coding?
Medical Decision Making Table of Risk
How Many Codes Do You Need When Coding a Pregnancy and Delivery?
How to Code a Colonoscopy Screening

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Medical Coding Webinar March 2013 Replay — VIDEO

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