Medical Coding Webinar – The CCO QandA Webinar August 2015 Overview

Alicia: This is our lineup.

Boyd: We’re going to start off with Tammy here talking about NCCI Edits and then JoAnne is going to talk about NCCI – Commercial Insurance & Coding, 99211 Codes, New Baby Office Visits (I know a lot about that having a one-year old now), Analyzing Financial Reports as a Practice Manager. Then,

Medical Coding Webinar – The CCO Q and A Webinar August 2015 Overview

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Alicia is going to finish us up with HIV ICD-9 and ICD-10 possibly codes? Integumentary ICD-9 Skin Issues, and Back to Basics – or what I’d like to say a “medical coding basics” around Cardiology.

So, Tammy, let’s get started with you and I’m going to turn my camera off and give you the floor here.

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