In order to be the best practice management consultant or practice manager, you should not only be a certified coder and know medical billing, you should also be able to approach the medical practice as a business – a business with profit and loss statements, quality in healthcare, cash management, electronic medical records, social media, HIPAA, data security, human resources, fraud and abuse, office space flow charts, and various corrective measures to ensure business continuity.

7 Sep, 2014

Physician Based Coding Course – Webinar Replay – Video

Q#28: Could we do a session on contraceptive management, a biggie for me. [Laughs] Alicia: A: Yeah. I answered that one and the thing. It’s like, put it in the forum and be more specific what you’re needing. Well, we’ll go research it. Laureen: Yeah. use that forum that says,

12 Aug, 2014

Medical Bill Auditing Services – Compliance and Audits

Why do we need compliance rules and audits? Most people would say to stay out of jail for breaking important rules, regulations, and laws as it pertains to  medical billing practices. However, let's dig a little deeper on why compliance and audits are important to the medical practice. Every year the

2 Aug, 2014

ICD-10-PCS Procedural Medical Coding Training Course – Video

Ms. Alicia is going to be doing a new course on ICD-10-PCS, so we’re starting to get into the CCS side of things. She’s excited about doing that. That’s going to start in September, so be looking for more information on that. This is the procedural side of ICD-10 and that

24 Jul, 2014

Practicode AAPC vs | Practicode Reviews – Video

UPDATE: CCO no longer offers Practicode. Please visit the AAPC for access Alicia: Q: What is the difference in what the AAPC offers with Practicode reviews and what CCO offers? Asked Bobbie. A: Well, it is quite a bit different. As you know, we’ve using PractiCode and offering that to our

16 Jul, 2014

Billing Classes Online – Starting a Medical Billing Business at Home

As a medical billing instructor of many years, I'm frequently asked if I feel it's feasible for a person right out of a program to start their own medical billing business at home.  My answer is a double-edged sword of "yes" and "no." After quality medical billing training, it is preferable