November 2015 CCO Graduates and Exam Passers — Week 3

November 2015 CCO Graduates and Exam Passers

“The most important thing to remember is this: to be ready at any moment
to give up what you are for what you might become.”
— W. E. B. Du Bois


Congratulations to our new 2015 CCO Graduates and Exam Passers!!! All your hard work has paid off. Well done! We are so confident you will continue to succeed in life. Keep up the good work. Once again, congratulations – not just for graduating, but for finally becoming the master of your own destiny. BIG shoutout to:

  • Marie Davis 11/9/2015 Completed CPC Course

  • Kasey Deason 11/12/2015 Completed CPC Course

  • Shelley Moore 11/12/2015 Completed MTA course

  • Elizabeth Grant 11/12/2015 Completed CPC Course

Eleven (11) of our graduates are among the 2015 ICD 10 Proficiency Assessment and CPC Exam Passers. Congratulations, you aced your exams!!! We always knew that you were destined to be successful – and passing the exams are just the beginning. BIG shoutout to:

  • Michelle Lavoie 10/10/2015 Passed CPC Exam

  • Barb Rogers 10/31/2015 Passed CRC Exam

  • Sharon Potts 11/7/2015 Passed CPC Exam

  • Vicki Johnson 11/11/2015 Passed CPC Exam

  • Charlotte McLaughlin 11/12/2015 Passed CPC Exam

  • Sumerta Ochani 11/12/2015 Passed CPC Exam

  • Clara Dugan 11/12/2015 Passed CPC Exam

  • Roxanne Weller 11/13/2015 Passed CPC Exam

  • Marlease Wolfe 11/14/2015 Passed ICD-10 Assessment

  • Michelle Frazier 11/8/2015 Passed ICD-10 Assessment

  • Janet Keller 11/16/2015 Passed CPC Exam

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