CCO's Medical Coding Practicum (MCP) Course Gives New And Seasoned Coders The Experience of Coding Real-World Cases

Video- Practicode Practicum Overview

Using Practicode and our fanatical instructors, coaches and technical support team you will get real-world training and experience and build your proficiency. You will code real-world medical charts and transform all that
knowledge and theory you learned at CCO or other sources into experience and career success.


I hope you have seen my new job title by now. I am your first CCO Medical Coding Practicum student to work for Aviacode and it happened in less than one month after purchasing the program. I will still be working in Practicode to continue to get more experience and get more proficiency in coding. I am doing HCC Coding and am working at home (and I love it!!!). You can put my little announcement in Congratulations list on the webinar.

Carolyn Heath, CPC-A, CPhT, NRCAHA
Independent Remote HCC Medical Coder Contractor for Aviacode


Practicode helps new
medical coders get
real-world experience by
coding real-world charts.
Currently employed coders
can get the edge they need
to stay on top of their game,
prepare for ICD-10 or learn a
new specialty.
If you employ coders, you
can use Practicode to assess
the skills of your medical
coding candidates.


Acquire Real Medical Coding Experience By Coding Real-World Cases

Preparing for ICD-10 and acquiring experience in additional specialties can help ensure your career growth. By logging hours and completing coding exercises, you can demonstrate your worth and abilities.


  • CCO's Medical Coding Practicum (MCP) lets you code real world cases. Practicode provides over one thousand real, redacted cases, thoroughly vetted and certied by coding professionals.
  • Practicode includes immediate feedback with correct answers and learning-assisted
  • Practicode is anywhere you access the internet. It’s web-based, log-in anywhere with any web browser.
  • Practicode contains cases from multiple specialties. Make yourself more marketable by
    expanding your abilities and knowledge across multiple specialties or focus on just one or two.
  • Practicode can train you for ICD-10. Be ready for the October 1, 2014 ICD-10 code change. Get the edge you need to stay on top of your game by using Practicode to learn the ICD-10 codes.
  • Practicode is simple to use. It’s intuitive and self-paced. Get up and running quickly to gain the experience you need to get your career going.

Finally! A Solution to the
“We Need Real-World Experience” Problem for New Medical Coders


There’s a familiar paradox in medical coding. Providers need coders with experience, but new coders graduate each year without the know-how they need to code appropriately for hospitals and clinics. Practicode gives you access to thousands of actual cases. Successfully working these cases will give you experience as real as what you get on the job.

No need to waste valuable time attending a training seminar or day-time online learning. Practicode is available online whenever you are ready—24/7/365


Just some of the MCP Practicode  Modules:

Emergency Department ICD-9/CPT PracticumAvailable Now!
Emergency Dept ICD-10 PracticumAvailable Now!
Family Practice/Internal Medicine ICD-10 PracticumAvailable Now!
Family Practice/Internal Medicine PracticumAvailable Now!
General ICD-10 Limited PreviewAvailable Now!
General ICD-9 Limited PreviewAvailable Now!
General Surgery ICD-10 PracticumAvailable Now!
General Surgery ICD-9/CPT PracticumAvailable Now!
GU/OB-GYN ICD-9/CPT PracticumAvailable Now!
ICD-10 ReadinessAvailable Now!
Inpatient ICD-10-CM/PCS PracticumAvailable Now!
Inpatient ICD-9 PracticumAvailable Now!
Orthopedic ICD-10 PracticumAvailable Now!
Orthopedic ICD-9/CPT PracticumAvailable Now!
Professional Fee PracticumAvailable Now!
Professional Fee Practicum ICD-10Available Now!
Psychiatry ICD-10-CM PracticumAvailable Now!
Psychiatry Practicum ICD-9/CPTAvailable Now!
Radiology PracticumAvailable Now!
Radiology Practicum ICD-10Available Now!

PLUS, Get All Future Modules
As They Are Released At No Extra Charge!

The coding modules are organized into specialty areas. Each module contains exercises using carefully selected charts. Patient and doctor names have been redacted from real charts so that you get real experience. Each module ensures that you are given a truly representative experience of real world coding.




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