Coding Certification Q & A Webinar Signup

Coding Certification Q & A Webinar Signup

Free medical coding certification webinars- now every third Thursday of the month!

Our monthly medical coding Q&A webinars are free for live attendees. Feel free to encourage your coding friends to join our email list to get invitations to this webinar.

Now every third Thursday of the month you’ll get a reminder for our Q and A medical coding certification webinar a few days before.

Register here:

CodingCertification.Org – see sign up box to the right

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Your questions answered on the webinar…

ask them here:

Can’t attend?聽You can access all our past and upcoming webinars for only $10/month. The monthly fee is waived for existing customers of CCO i.e.. Blitz customers, Medical Coding Course students and paid CEU webinar customers.

Existing members check your membership at members.聽to access past webinars.

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2 thoughts on “Coding Certification Q & A Webinar Signup”

    • Hi Ananita – sorry I didn’t see this until after the webinar but the registration link is right in the post above. You can still click on it to register for future webinars. These are offered the third Thursday of every month currently. We had the webinar last night but you can watch the replay for $5 or free if you have ever purchased anything from us. Join our email update list (upper right hand corner of this page) and you will be kept informed of upcoming webinars, replay availability, etc. Best wishes!


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