Recent CCO Graduates | July 2015 – Video

Alicia, who are our recent CCO graduates ?

Alicia:   Oh, we have a lot, it’s very exciting. Recently, we have a CPMA graduate, Patricia Rathbun, and then a whole bunch of CPC graduates, people who have passed their CPC. We have Valerie Fehlman, Tricia Allen, Kate Balduff, Sandra Marroquin, Faith Wiegman, Jeanne Muller, Nancy Zizelman, Cheryl Cormier. I think everybody just likes the way I try to say things.

Shelly Thurgood also. Melissa Barnard, Shannon Froning, Robin Thompson, Susan John, Mary Herter, Fereshta Porooshasp, Anna Vinchkoski.

Recent CCO Graduates | July 2015 – Video

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And then, we have a person, Jennifer Haduck that passed her CPC and also turned around within a few weeks and passed the ICD-10 Assessment. And we have several people that have passed their ICD-10 Assessment as well, we have Sandra Bowers, Jen Fowler, Lori Holtzinger, Everett Barker, and Charlotte McLaughlin. Then we have Lori Conley who just graduated this CCO PBC course and Marilou Yu let us know she got a job! That’s fantastic! We had a lot of people –

Laureen: Three pages now. Yeah, that’s pretty busy month. I think that’s a record.

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