Recent CCO Graduates March 2015 – Video

Recent CCO Graduates March 2015

This one, my goodness, we started with one name – wow, we only have one name, and now all of a sudden we’ve got two slides full of congratulations. Alicia, why don’t you do the first slide and I’ll do the second one?

Alicia: Sure! We have Barb Rogers, passed her CPC on 1/31; Patti Bauman, she completed the MTA course; HinaBalapurwala, she completed the PBC course on 12/12/2014. Hina also took the ICD-10 course and she’s also doing some other things I know because I’m her coach. RegiaZitting, she completed the PBC course 3/4/2015. All the rest are 2015s. We’ve got Jackie Leslie passed her CPC on 3/5; then Kathleen Burns passed her CPC 3/6. And look here, Jorynell she passed on 2/1 the COC, which of course is the CPC-H renamed. I believe that’s our first COC we’ve ever had that we could announce on the slides. Lorraine, she passed the CPC on 2/28!

Recent CCO Graduates March 2015 – Video

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Laureen: Don’t you love how animated Alicia is.

Bobby Land passed their ICD-10 proficiency assessment, so did Shanna. Marykay completed her ICD-10 course, that’s the full 80-hour one. Lorrie Holekamp passed her CPC. Karie Jarvis-Slayton passed her ICD-10 course. Beverly Hibbler, her PBB course, that’s our billing course. And, Andrea Otano passed her COC. Congratulations everyone!

Anyone out there in the chat want to share if they recently graduated or passed a certification? We like to give shoutouts. If you’re in the process of working toward a credential and you pass and want to let us know, we normally give a shoutout on this webinar and the newsletter. It’s always nice to get a little bit of recognition. So, congratulations everyone!

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