September 2017 CCO Graduates, CRC, CEMC and CPC Exam Passers

 “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” 

— Bill Cosby


Congratulations to our new CCO graduates and September 2017 CRC, CEMC and CPC Exam Passers!  You’ve been fearlessly dedicated to succeed. Thus, celebrate the fruit of your hard work. Once again, congratulations! Your CCO family is proud of you.


Jennifer Kanipe – CPC – 09/09/2017 – Using Practice ExamsCCO Congrats Graduates Blog Post 2017 Sep
Melissa A Brownlow – CRC – 09/09/2017 – Using Using CRC Course, CRC Blitz, Practice Exams, Other
Marcianne Nichoson – CPC – 08/25/2017 – Using CPC Blitz
Jose Valenzuela – CPC – 09/09/2017- Using BHAT® System, CPC Blitz
Lorie Wells – CPC – 09/16/2017- Using BHAT® System, CPC Course (PBC), CPC Blitz, Practice Exams
Lillian Massey Wright – CPC – 09/23/2017- Using CPC Course (PBC)
Monica Meeks – CPC – 09/16/2017- Using BHAT® System, CPC Blitz
Christopher Odell – CEMC – 09/09/2017- Using E/M Course, Other

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