Slideshare of December 2013 Medical Coding Certification Webinar Q & A from CodingCertification discussed several Medical Coding topics of interest to medical coders including What Credential to Get First, ICD-10-CM codes used in chiropractic coding, two ICD-10-CM coding practice questions, Disorders of the Eye and Adnexa, and Gastrointestinal Ulcers. The focus for this month was ICD-10-CM.

December 2013 Medical Coding Webinar

Here are the Topic discussed on the Slide:

  • 1. Coding Certification Q & A Webinar- December 2013
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  • 7. Congratulations to… Stacey Walker (passed CPC 11/16/13) Kimberly Stachura (passed CPC 12/14/13) Catherine Davis (passed CPC 11/23/13) Carmen Valentin (passed CPC 12/16/13) Stephanie Meimann (passed CPC 12/19/13) Anyone else out there who passed recently?
  • 8. Poll Poll – What coding credential do you have?
  • 9. Poll Poll – What coding credential do you WANT?
  • 10. Quick Outline of Product Lineup Medical Terminology & Anatomy Course (MTA) Physician Based Coding Course (PBC) (CPC course) Facility Based Medical Coding (FBC) (CPC-H course) Review Blitz Video Package (included in PBC) Mini-Mock Practice Exams CEU Classes (On Demand) ICD-10-CM MiniCourse ICD-10 FULL Course http://CodingCertification.Org/Products
  • 11. ICD-10 Prep CCO Style ● ICD-10-CM Mini Course ○ 40 hour course equivalent ○ using Carol Buck’s “Step-by-Step Medical Coding” ● ICD-10-CM Full Course **Payment Plan Now Available** ○ 80 hour course equivalent ○ using “Understanding ICD-10-CM” text by Bowie ● ICD-10-CM Practice Exams
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  • 13. Poll Poll – What region of the country are you from?
  • 14. Student Case Studies Our Special Guest Tonight… Ariane Jackson (passed CPC 7/22/13)
  • 15. Congratulations re Aviacode Job I am your first CCO Practicode student to work for Aviacode and it happened in least than one month after purchasing the program. I will still be working in Practicode to continue to get more experience and get more proficiency in coding. I am doing HCC Coding and am working at home (and I love it!!!). -Carolyn Heath
  • 16. What Credential to get First? I am just about to finish the Medical Billing and Coding training program at a local technology center. What credential should I look at obtaining first? – Susan ANSWER
  • 17. Chiropractic Coding – ICD-10 Codes? I am a recent recipient of my coding certification (July) and have recently began working for a chiropractic office. I was hoping there would be some insight on whether the ICD-10 codes will still be the same for these areas. Has anyone heard anything? Thanks! ANSWER
  • 18. ICD-10 Practice Question I am having a little trouble on this practice question, maybe I'm only over thinking. Can you help? Thank you A 23 year old male who previously suffered a metacarpal fracture of the left hand, 2nd metacarpal bone, as the result of a gunshot wound develops a nonunion of the metacarpal. ANSWER
  • 19. Disorders of the Eye and Adnexa There is a new chapter in ICD-10-CM. Disorders of the Eye and Adnexa. So what is in it? ANSWER
  • 20. Gastrointestinal Ulcers Understanding the disease process for ICD-10-CM coding. ANSWER
  • 21. Family Practice/Internal Medicine ICD-10 Family Practice/Internal Medicine ICD-10 An example of a real case to code. ANSWER
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Attendees’ questions on various topics were answered. A student who recently passed the CPC exam was interviewed. Alicia Scott, CPC, CPC-I, was the presenter for this webinar. Boyd Staszewski assisted.

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Medical Coding Webinar


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