Slideshare: March 2015 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

The March 2015 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar from Certification Coaching Org, discussed a variety of topics of interest to outpatient, inpatient, and HCC medical coders including J1 Status Indicator; Bilateral, Multiple Surgery; LVAD/RVAD for CV Surgery; ICD9 Sequence for OV; Skin Grafts; Pathology Consultation Coding; Modifier 58, 59; HCC Coding Question 250.xx; and BCCA Excision Advancement Flap.

Transcript are as follows:

    • 1. Coding Certification Q & A Webinar- March 2015
    • 2. A rose by any other name … … a new logo, a new website, our ‘real’ name!
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    • 4. Stay to the End For… ● A giveaway and your ● AAPC CEU link for 1.5 CEU

Slideshare: March 2015 Q&A Medical Coding Webinar

  • 5. Announcing: WEBINAR for MODIFIERS
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  • 7. Congratulations to… Barb Rogers 1/31/2015 Passed CPC Patti Bauman 12/28/2015 Completed MTA course Hina Balapurwala 12/12/2014 Completed PBC course Hina Balapurwala 2/18/2015 Completed ICD 10 course Regia Zitting 3/4/2015 Completed PBC course Jackie Leslie 3/5/2015 Passed CPC Kathleen Burns 3/6/2015 Passed CPC Jorynell Sibal 2/1/2015 Passed COC Lorraine Hayward 2/28/2015 Passed CPC
  • 8. Congratulations to… Anyone else out there who passed recently? Bobby Land 3/6/2015 Passed ICD-10 Assessment Shanna D Wanca 3/2015 Passed ICD-10 Assessment Marykay Stein 2/23/15 Completed ICD 10 course Lorrie Holekamp 3/7/2015 Passed CPC Karie Jarvis-Slayton 2/28/2015 Completed ICD 10 course Beverly Hibbler 3/15/2015 Completed PBB course Andrea Otano 3/7/2015 Passed COC
  • 9. COURSESS ★ Medical Terminology & Anatomy Course (MTA) ★ Physician Based Medical Coding Course (PBC) (CPC course) ★ Facility Based Medical Coding (FBC) (COC course) ★ ICD-10-CM Course ★ ICD-10-PCS Course ★ Medical Billing Course (PBB) ★ Medical Coding Auditing Course (PBMA) ★ Physician Practice Management Course (PPM) ★ HCC Risk Adjustment Course ★ Medical Coding Practicum (MCP) Course with Practicode Quick Lineup of CCO Courses Reviews & Mock Exams ★ CPC Exam Review Blitz Package ★ CPC Mini-Mock Practice Exams ★ ICD-10-CM Blitz Package ★ ICD-10-CM Mini-Mock Practice Exams For full listing see: CodingCertification.Org/Products
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  • 11. J1 Status Indicator* Any chance we can learn more about the J1 status indicator? ANSWER
  • 12. Single claims where a bilateral procedure is secondary to either another bilateral procedure, or any other higher valued procedure, and the provider is an ASC. The issue comes when the provider bills multiple bilateral procedures… ANSWER Bilateral, Multiple Surgery
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  • 14. LVAD/RVAD for CV Surgery Can you review the LVAD/RVAD insertion codes for CV surgery? ANSWER
  • 15. ICD 9 Sequence for OV What is the correct icd 9 sequence for OV screening colonoscopy with signs and symptoms? ie: phys documents screening colonoscopy visit but also states pt has GERD & abdominal pain. he wants to code: 530.81, 789.00, v76.51 ANSWER
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  • 17. Skin Grafts* If you have a patient that is getting an autologous split thickened graft, taken from the thigh and attached to the tip of the nose, it is alright to use one code like 15120 for the harvesting and attachment? It is ok and you don’t need two codes, how do I know when to use one or two codes for a procedure? ANSWER
  • 18. From one of our CCO Practice Exams: During surgery to remove a malignant neoplasm of laryngeal cartilages, one frozen section is sent for pathological consultation to confirm the adequacy of the surgical margins. A second specimen required frozen sections on two tissue blocks. What CPT® code(s) are reported by the pathologist? ANSWER Pathology Consultation Coding
  • 19. Modifiers (58 & 59) Can you give me examples of situations that need modifiers for CPT … especially 58 and 59? ANSWER
  • 20. ● ICD-10-CM Blitz – new! ○ 16 hour course equivalent ● ICD-10-CM Full Course **Payment Plan Now Available** ○ 80 hour course equivalent ○ using “Understanding ICD-10-CM” text by Bowie ● ICD-10-CM Practice Exams ○ Free 50 Question Exam ○ Paid 50 Question Exam – $29.95 The Future of Coding >> ICD-10 Prep – CCO Style
  • 21. ● When is the deadline date to pass the ICD-10-CM proficiency exam? 12/31/2015 ● Is it true we have one year to take the proficiency exam after ICD-10 goes into effect? No, 12/31/15 is the deadline to obtain your proficiency and retain your certification. ● So anyone who intends to, or already codes, will they need to take this proficiency exam? Can it be taken later by those who are still schooling? If you are taking the CPC exam in 2015, you will need to take the assessment before 12/31/15. If you plan to test in 2016, the CPC exam will include ICD-10-CM, so you will no longer need to take a proficiency exam too. ICD-10-CM Proficiency FAQs (more info:
  • 22. ● Where do I take the proficiency exam? You sign up on the AAPC website ( and can take it anywhere online. ● Are they going to be doing a Certification in ICD-10 or just the proficiency assessment? In 2016, the CPC exam will include ICD-10 if there is no delay in implementation. ● If I have just passed my CPC exam and have a CPC-A credential, will I still have to complete the proficiency exam by December 31? Yes you will. Plan to take it prior to the deadline of 12/31/15 ● How soon can you take the ICD 10 test? It is ready to go now. Sign up on the AAPC website – ICD-10-CM Proficiency FAQs (more info:
  • 23. HCC Coding Question 250.xx If you have 2 HCC codes in the same category such as 250.40 and 250.50 what is the trumping rule? ANSWER
  • 24. BCCA excision advancement flap includes cartilage excision too? ANSWER BCCA Excision Advancement Flap
  • 25. WEBINAR CEU’s – REPLAY CLUB Monthly CCO Webinars: ● * Worth 1 to 1.5 CEU per meeting Replay Club: ● * up to 12 free CEUs (or more) per year ● (for indicated Webinars) – Regular Attendees – Replay Club Members
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  • 30. Chat Q & A Webinar- March 2015
  • 31. Time Management I’m struggling with Time Management too … thanks great question Good Luck I’m sitting too first try in July 25 -Evelyn
  • 32. CPC Course If someone takes the CPC course which has the ICD 9 CM module will they be trained on ICD 10 or they will need to take that course separately? – Zane
  • 33. CMC Certification I have a Certified Medical Coding with PMI. Now when I am a member with AAPC and CCO I never see a CMC. Is this going to hurt me , I compare it to a CPC. -Sandy
  • 34. Length of Laceration If the physician doesn’t give the length of a laceration in ER should you query him or can you use what the ER nurse documented in her flowsheet?
  • 35. We’ve had questions from students wanting to copy AAPC testing material to use in their study process … SPECIAL NOTE: AAPC educational material is copyrighted. ALL AAPC material is protected by copyright laws unless noted differently. Just as with CCO course material, students are not authorized to copy information for use without permission of the distributor. CCO fully respects copyright laws and asks that all students taking CCO courses also adhere to copyright guidelines. Attention: Use of Materials
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Certification Coaching Org’s product offerings were briefly discussed including an upcoming webinar on “Modifiers – It’s All about the Money” and the Replay Club which allows members to review past monthly webinars and obtain CEUs. Attendees’ questions on various coding topics were answered. Educational topics were presented by Alicia Scott, CPC, CPC-I, Laureen Jandroep, CPC, CPC-H, CPC-I, CMSCS, CHCI, CPPM, and Tammy Lucus, CIC, CPC, COC, CPC-I, CPMA. The host for the webinar was Boyd Staszewski.

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